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The worst thing about winter is definitely the dry skin that comes with it. Despite having quite oily skin i get a really dry nose which becomes so obvious and flaky when i apply my makeup. I was on the look out for a mask which would help add the moisture back to my skin but something that wouldn’t make my skin more greasy. After asking a few lovely bloggers on twitter for their opinions i headed into my local boots store for the origins counter. I was also interested in the clear improvement charcoal mask  but i was afraid of it making my skin drier than it already was. The shop assistant was so lovely and explained what both of the masks do thoroughly, but the Origins Drink up 10 minute mask was the winner as it was to help target and combat my dry skin and it is also meant to help skin that suffers from breakouts due to stress and this is definitely appropriate for me, when i’m at uni stress is my middle name! This mask costs £22 from Boots, but I was lucky enough to have enough boots points saved up so i was able to treat myself to this before Christmas!

I have used this for about a month now and maybe once or twice a week and i am so in love with this product!! I have never spent much money on my skincare regime and usually stick with trusty Simple which i know works. This mask is probably the most expensive skincare product i have ever bought but my gosh it works and you really do pay for what you get, the only problem this brings is the urgent need to try other expensive skincare items, i see an addiction coming on!!

Anyway onto the mask itself. It is lightly scented with apricot yet it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin at all which is always something of a concern to me. The formula is really rich and nourishing, but its not greasy at all. I apply quite a thick layer of it to my skin and leave on for 10 minutes but i leave it on for longer if my skin is really dry. As you leave it on you can see that the product sinks into your skin hence it being called a drink up mask! After washing it off i apply a thick layer of my favourite moisturiser to lock it the moisture in. It is a brilliant quick fix for dry skin and i have taken to using this before nights out because my make up goes on incredibly well afterwards because i have no dry patches of skin in sight. This is definitely my favourite mask for the winter and for my dry facial skin and i will definitely repurchase this! I am also looking into more of the Origins products now to see what i can try next so if you use any of their other products which are  good do let me know in a comment below!

What do you think of this product? Have you tried it before? Do you have any other origins recommendations?

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