IWOOT | Last minute quirky gift guide

1. iGlove – Touch Glove for iphone £6.99

2. Waterproof notebook* – £9.99

3. Pussy Magnet – £9.99

4. Icrayon touch stylus for mobile devices – £6.49

5. Travel edition scratch map – £10

6. Duck moodlight – £8

With one week to go until Christmas Eve i thought i would do one last gift guide showing you some unique and unusual quirky gifts that you really cant find on the high street. All of these presents featured are from I want one of those and are all under £10!

1. This is a perfect present for most people who own a phone! I didnt realise gloves like this even existed until a few weeks ago. There is nothing worse than having fingers so cold that you are unable to text or use your phone so this is the perfect answer to those problems!

2. I was actually lucky enough to test out the waterproof notebook. I was quite baffled as to how this would actually works as it claims to be 100 percent waterproof,non-smudge and 80 tear out pages. After using this i was so shocked that it actually is waterproof, as you can see from the picture below! It is amazing! There is nothing better than being able to sit in a bath and write down your thoughts/to do lists without the fear of dropping your notebook in the bath! An amazing present for all age groups.

3. I love the pussy magnet as much as i do the name! I am forever losing paperclips and can never find them when i need them,this is a perfect stationary present for the workers in your family. 

4. This is another great edition for your mobiles. I have never used a stylus pen before but i can see the attraction of them as my fingers are accidentally knocking different letters on my texts and accidentally liking peoples photos on Facebook haha, we have all been there! It is also not just an ordinary stylus pen but its shaped as a crayon,even better!

5. A scratch off map is actually something i have been after for a long time. As an avid traveller i like to see where i have already been and plan on where i want to go to next, im also a bit of a geography geek in the sense that i love knowing about all of these different places in the world, this is a perfect gift for the traveller in your life or even for children wanting to learn more about the world!

6. Last up is the duck moodlight which is a gift for all the bath lovers out there, i know the majorty of females are anyway! Baths are relaxing enough but i love the idea of a cute duck light in the bath and it is also much safer than candles! 

Well there you have it, the final gift guide of 2013! What do you think of these gift ideas? Would you like a waterproof notebook this Christmas? Have you finished all of your Christmas shopping yet?

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