Christmas Wrapping Paper DIY Ideas


Penguin wrapping paper – Paperchase
Brown paper – Poundland
Heart ribbon – HobbyCraft
Candy coloured string – Ebay
There is nothing i love more about Christmas than wrapping presents! It definitely helps to add your own little personal touch and you can be as creative as you want to be regardless to how well you can wrap presents! Here are some of my ideas for wrapping presents:
Brown wrapping paper is definitely one of my staples for Christmas wrapping this year! I picked up a massive roll for a pound in you guessed it poundland haha and you may think brown is boring is boring but you can jazz it up any way you like! I’ve added different Christmas ribbons to mine that i have picked up from various places, the candy striped string was from ebay and i think it looks great! Other ideas are stamping your own designs onto the paper with ink or paint,adding stickers and by attaching little gifts to the string such as a candy cane or a tree chocolate, other ideas i have seen on pinterest that i love are sprigs of holly, sadly i don’t know of any holly tree at university but my mum knitted the holly and berrys for me which you can see on the picture above, how amazing is that?!
Gift tags – I have never seen the point in buying gift tags when you can make them yourself with relatively no cost involved! I usually cut up last years Christmas cards or the card from Christmas crackers and recycle it as gift tags, they all end up looking different and better than anything you can buy!
Another little thing i love adding to presents is Christmas sequins! I put in some Christmas sequins to their cards and inside presents so they get a little extra surprise when they open their presents!
Some of my favourite places to buy wrapping paper and the little extras from are; Paper chase,eBay, pound land,Ikea,the works and hobby craft!
Here are some of my favourite wrapping inspiration ideas from Pinterest,enjoy!


I hope you enjoyed reading about my Christmas wrapping ideas! Do you like wrapping presents? What do you think of my ideas? What are your tips for adding a special touch to your wrapping?

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