Christmas Presents!

Hello! I hope that you all had a really lovely Chirstmas with your families and you all got some lovely presents! I dont think im speaking for myself when i say im currently bursting at my seams from all the food i have consumed in the last 2 days! I think i might not have to eat until next year now haha. I also managed to make it into the sales today which i think for me is one of the most exciting times of the year, after Christmas of course, but i must say its always the same and i went away mostly empty handed and didn’t see anything that striking in the sales,it just left me wanting all of the full priced items which is dangerous for me! Although, i did manage to pick up a few bargains in Primark! Anyway, i just wanted to share with you all what presents i got for Christmas as i love reading these kind of posts so i hope you enjoy!

 Who doesnt love receiving socks for Christmas?! The ones of the left were knitted by my mum and i cant get  over how amazing they are, they definitely look like they are from somewhere like Jack Wills. I am also obsessed with primark socks and these Barbie ones have outdone themselves,in love!

 If you didn’t already know, one of my biggest passions is swimming so these bits and pieces are some of my favourite presents!

 This is one of my favourite presents from my parents which is this adorable necklace, its so delicate and i cant wait to wear it!

 Lush bath bombs are one of the fastest ways to my heart, now i have to try and fit in as many baths before i return to uni next week!

 I have been wanting to try the sleek contour kit for ages regardless to the fact that i dont know how to use it haha! Essie polishes are also one of my favourite brands as they stay chip free for ages! I also wanted another intensive conditioner to try on my long hair so look out for reviews to come on all of these!

 Body shop butters are some of the nicest smelling creams, i cant wait to try these out!

 My lovely friend from uni got me this, i have never tried perfume from Marks & Spencers before but it smells amazing!

 Who doesn’t love chocolate?!

 A few uni essentials to take back with me for the kitchen, anything heart shaped and i am sold! My sister also got me the cutest cookie cutters for me which are shaped like fruit and veg!

 Uni essentials!

 As well as James (bf) getting me some of the other lovely presents above he also got me these two jokey presents which are super thoughtful and funny as i am always stressed with uni and my endless worrying so this stress ball is definitely what i need! He also got me a grow your own sunflower which is such a cute present and it will look so nice once i have grown it!

 James also got me what i have wanted for an age and i have also posted this on a wishlist before so hinting does help! Basically its a map of the world and when you have visited a place or a country you scratch that part off the map which reveals a different colour. I have been lucky enough to do a lot of travelling at such a young age and i am excited for what next year brings so this present is perfect!

Thanks for reading! What did you all do for Christmas? What do you think of my presents? What did you get for Christmas? Leave your link believe if you have done a similar post!

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