Christmas DIY | Cinnamon wrapped candles


Due to this disgusting weather today and lack of light there wont be an outfit post today unfortunately, so i thought instead i would show you a quick and easy Chirstmas craft that anyone can do and requires little materials! Today I’m showing you how to make cinnamon wrapped candles which was an idea that i saw on pinterest and had to try out, they look so festive and the cinnamon sticks when broken up smell amazing and even better when there is a candle lit inside!


  What you will need:

An empty candle holder

Cinnamon sticks (health food stores,most supermarkets)

Any type of ribbon


Double sided sticky tape

This is seriously so easy to do and took about 30 minutes of my time. Begin by measuring the cinnamon sticks against the candle holder and cut them with scissors to the desired length to fit around the holder. I ended up using 6 cinnamon sticks in total which cost me about a £1,seriously so cheap! Once they have all been cut into pieces apply a small strip of the double sided sticky tape to the sticks. When you have done that simply stick them around the candle holder so that they are almost touching. By now you should start to already smell how amazing the cinnamon is! Lastly, find a piece of ribbon or string and simply tie around the candle tightly ensuring that the cinnamon sticks stay in place! Hey presto its finished, all you have to do now is add a tea light! 



I hope you enjoyed reading a slightly different post today and let me know if you have a try after reading this! What do you think of cinnamon wrapped candles? Have you tried them before? Have you done any posts on christmas crafts?

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