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Heaven skincare bee venom mask* – 15ml £25.30

This little pot of beauty otherwise known as the Heaven Skincare Bee Venom mask was in the Southwestbloggers meet goody bag that i received back in November. I have heard about using bee venom masks and even snail slime masks (eww) for a while now as a natural alternative to botox. This bee venom mask in particular is from Heaven skincare and it contains some really simple ingredients using venom from bees in organic hives in New Zealand, manuka honey and Shea butter,rose and lavender essential oils which are all really gorgeous and natural ingredients so they definitely don’t upset your skin. The mask works by controlling facial muscles for immediate lifting,tightening and firming, whilst targeting frown lines and wrinkles.

I applied quite a thin layer of this to my skin as the product is quite expensive, the consistency is just like a moisturiser and after a while you can see that the product almost completely sinks into your skin. I applied the mask to cleansed skin and it advises to leave it on for 20 minutes before washing it off but it says you can also apply a small layer to leave underneath your foundation, but i am yet to try this as i think my skin would look even oily than it normally is!

As i have 20+ skin i cant really comment on that fact that it improved my wrinkles because my skin is pretty plump already and i don’t have any wrinkles,or so i hope! I actually would just use this as a normal mask though as the fragrances of the ingredients are gorgeous and it didn’t irritate my skin in any way which is often a problem that i find with masks, it was also really moistursing so i would definitely use this as a maintenance mask, i did feel afterwards that my skin did feel fuller and looked fresher!

Because i cant really comment on all of the improvements of this mask i also got my mum involved in it to see what the effect was on a 50+ skin. Again she really liked the scents and it didn’t irritate her skin at all and she felt that it really plumped her skin out for a few days after but you would probably have to keep regularly using this for permanent results.

Overall if you are looking for an alternative and cheaper version to botox this could be your answer as it is a completely natural and non evasive method! 

What do you think of the bee venom mask? have your tried it before? What are your favourite face masks?

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