On Saturday i was lucky enough to attend my first bloggers event which was the #southwestbloggersmeet which was held in Exeter, not too far from Plymouth. Firstly, i want to thank Liza Prideaux and Kerry Dyer of livedwithlove for organising this event and for all of the hard work that they put into it. It clearly showed and everyone really did have such a great time so thank you!

As it was my first event i didn’t really know what to expect and was somewhat nervous yet excited at the prospect of it! But i had the best time, It was so nice to finally meet some of the bloggers who write the blogs that i love and lovely to chat with like minded people that share the same interests  everyone i met was so lovely and my nerves quickly subsided! As well as lots of chit chat with all the lovely bloggers there was also a Lush stall showcasing some of their fab Christmas products and letting you try out some of them for yourself. Pearlys Ltd were also there which is a provider of at home and in clinic teeth whitening in the UK. I hadn’t actually heard of this brand before and i was so impressed with their products, there will be more information on them on the blog soon!

There were also lots of gorgeous raffle prizes including enrapture curlers,a beautiful prom dress, hair care products nail varnishes and more! I was lucky enough to win a body spray and a blue hair spray which i cant wait to try out haha! As well as that we were given the most generous and best goody bag i have ever seen which you can see for yourself below in my pictures!

Here are some pictures from the event which show in more detail what we got up to!

 LOTS of gorgeous raffle prizes

 Lots of pink gorgeous good bags!

 The cutest snow fairies from Lush which smelt amazing!

 Testing out the Pearlys Ltd Weekly Teeth-Brighten Powder

 The lovely Albertine of DippyWrites and Bella of B-Jolly

 Drawing the raffle winners

 Check out the AMAZING goody bag!

*Photo courtesy of Kerry Dyer of livedwithlove*

Lastly a lovely group shoot of all the lovely ladies that came to the #southwestbloggersmeet,sadly i didn’t get to have a chat with everyone but i managed to discover some lovely new blogs while getting to know the writers behind them!I am still working my way through all of the lovely blog cards that i picked up and have followed quite a lot so far but if not leave your links below if you attended as i would love to have a read/follow of them all!

Did you enjoy the #southwestbloggers meet too? Have you attended blogger events before?

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