Oleo Argan oil Review

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a nice weekend, what are you all up to? I’m off to a Vintage fair today which i’m soo excited for and hope i pick up some good pieces and there will definitely be a blog post up next week on it, i also have lots of revision to do as i have my first exam on Monday eek! 

Hair oils have been the best find for my hair this past year and Moroccan oil has always been my go to oil and it has greatly improved the condition of my hair and also helped it to grow even longer,the only thing i don’t like about it is the price which is around £30, so i am so glad that i have found a cheaper alternative to this which is this brand of hair oil which is called Oleo Argan oil* which is 100% pure organic argan oil. This product is sourced from Morocco and it is the only place that the finest argan oil is produced, so you know you really are getting the best stuff for your hair and body!

This is also the added benefit of oleo argan oil as it can be used on more than just your hair, also on your body,face and nails! So it really is a multi purpose oil for a fraction of most oils price,you definitely are getting the most for your money.

Hair – 

Firstly the oil really has no fragrance to it at all, compared to other oils i have tried where the scent is far too strong for me. With most oils as you probably know it really is a case of  ‘less is more’ but with this oil you need even less than you would with say Moroccan oil for example. I used a small drop for my hair and i just applied this to the ends of my hair after i had washed it. The product is very greasy and you really don’t need much at all!! It made my hair feel really soft and nourished and not dry at all. I also used this as a pre shampoo treatment, when i was swimming i put this onto my hair under my swim cap and it really helped to keep my hair moisturised in the water and it helps to protect it against the chlorine. It can also be used as a conditioner, a deep treatment or even as an anti-frizz serum before blowdrying your hair. There really is so many ways you can use this on your hair and when you use so little amount of the product it will last you a long time.

Skin – 

I think i have found in this oil one of the best moisturisers i have ever discovered! Again you don’t need to use much of the product and you just apply it to the skin like you would with a normal moisturiser. I was worried that my skin would feel greasy afterwards and would just sit there but it absorbed into the skin so quickly and when you rub it in the oil warms up. My skin felt so moisturised and 12 hours later my skin still felt reasonably moisturised which for me is unheard of with most other moisturisers.

Other uses –

As i previously mentioned it can also be used on your face which i haven’t tried as personally i think the product would be too greasy for my face and i am scared that it would cause my acne to return but i’m sure that if you suffer from dry skin this would be great for you. Also if you rub this on your nails regularly the condition of your nails should improve and become stronger over time,i will definitely be trying out this use next!

Overall i think this is a great product,for £19.95 for 100ml you really do get the finest quality and as a small amount goes a long way, it is cost effective because it will last you a long time. You can also purchase it in bigger sizes or if you want to give it a trial run you can buy a travel size for only £11.95. If you are looking to improve the condition of your hair,skin and nails and are looking for a cheaper alternative to other oils then Oleo Argan Oil is your answer!!

I hope you enjoyed reading my review! Have you tried this oil before? Do you love oils too?what oils do you use?

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