Garnier Simply Essentials soothing 2 in 1 Makeup-remover

Lately my normal cheap cleanser just hadn’t been cutting it in removing my eye makeup, i asked for some recommendations on twitter for a good but cheap eye makeup remover and had lots of lovely followers tweet back to me with their suggestions. Laura Loves told me about this one which sounded great as she likened it to a Clarins dupe and it was only £1.99! I have never used products from Clarins before so unfortunately i wont be able to relate to that but i can tell you that this is the best thing i have discovered to remove my eye makeup and actually does a great job at doing so!

This product states that it contains No perfume,alcohol nor is there any need to rub vigorously to remove it,and that it is suitable for sensitive kin. Well i have really sensitive skin and only ever use basic products on my face so i was worried it wouldn’t live up to its claims. Well, there is completely no scent to this which is what normally puts me off from using other products,i only needed a few drops on a piece of cotton wool and within a few motions over my eye area it removed every trace of the mascara. I’ve just started using Maybelline falsies as well and found it really hard to remove with my old cleanser so i was pleasantly surprised when this actually worked and so quickly as well.

There were no after effects to it either ,no stinging or soreness on the skin area around the eye. This product is great you cant go wrong at only £1.99, it removes your eye makeup however much you wear in a few seconds,it doesn’t irritate your skin with any nasty chemicals and it should last you for a long time as you really don’t need to use much of it at all.

What do you think of this product,have you tried it before? What products do you use to remove eye makeup?