Christmas Wishlist

1. Sleek Face contour kit – £6.49  
2. Invisibobble Traceless Hair Ring – £3.75 Link

3. River Island quilted wellington boots – £40 Link

4. Moroccan oil Moisture Repair Conditioner – £17.25 Link

5. Knitted cloud fluffy jumper – £40

6. Nars Sheer Glow foundation – £30.50 

With Christmas just around the corner now i thought it was about time to have a think about what i would like for Christmas! As my birthday was only just In September there isn’t really much that i need and its rather a case of what i want haha! I actually prefer surprises at Christmas time and i love small presents over the big ones! But Christmas really isn’t just about presents and i definitely love giving more than receiving! But if i was to pick a few things out this Christmas this is what would be on my list to Santa!

1. Sleek makeup is something i have wanted to try for a while now and after seeing lots of reviews on the face form palette and the contour kit and how to use it, i REALLY want to give this a try now! I’ve never been able to contour properly and have never even used a highlighter before so this would be a good start for me!

2. I saw these invisibobbles advertised in a magazine a few weeks ago and before then i had never even heard of them. They’re meant to leave no kinks in your hair and to reduce the pull on your scalp,meaning less headaches. They sound brilliant but i’m dubious as to whether they would tightly hold my hair up,regardless to the fact i still want to give them a try!

3. I really want a pair of knee high boots for winter and my friend has this exact pair and they look so stylish with the patent black on the toes and the quilted material makes them look cosy and keeps them looking casual, at £40 i think that’s a very good price!

4. After falling in love with Moroccan oil this year i would love to try out more of their products,its just a shame they are so expensive but i’m sure their other products are well worth the money as well so i would love to try out their intensive conditioner to improve my hair condition even more.

5. How do i still not have a fluffy jumper?! I have fallen in love with how soft they are but there is seriously so many colours to choose from that I’ve ended up not purchasing one! I love this colour though and the sparkly flecks in it and it would go with everything so its on my list!

6. Lastly is the holy grail of the makeup world which nearly the whole blogging community has tried!Is it really that good though?! I am still yet to find the perfect foundation for my combination skin, i alternate between looking like an oil slick and having dry/flaky skin so i’m really desperate to find the right balance in a foundation for my skin and i hope this is the answer!

I hope you enjoyed reading my Christmas wishlist I’ve got even more excited about the whole festive period now,if that’s even possible haha! 

Whats on your wishlist this year?