Sour Cherry Nail decals

I have always been an avid user of nail stickers and transfers because lets face it i’m not the best at nail art, nor am i a WAH nail artist 🙁 and i always find it so fiddly and time consuming, but with these decals they enable you to achieve cute nails in a short period of time yet they still look fab!

These cute and quirky Nail Decals* are available from Sour Cherry. If you haven’t heard of them before they sell affordable handmade jewellery as well as other accessories such as bags,hair accessories and of course nail art which is what i am sharing with you today!

Green Norwegian knit full nail decals*

I’ve never used nail decals like this before and have only ever used ones that are applied like a sticker. But with these you first put them into water,then the backing is peeled off and the decal is placed and left to dry on your nail. The instructions on the back of the pack are easy to follow and do exactly as they say. I liked how you were able to cut them down to the size required before applying, however,i found applying these actually really tricky to place on the nail and keep in the desired place before they dried. When they were left to dry on the nail for about 10 minutes you can then apply a top coat to seal it.

Unfortunately i did find the process very time consuming,but i did get faster at it once i got the knack of it. Regardless of that i am sooo impressed with the outcome of them! They have lasted me 5 days which is unheard of with normal nail polish for me,the application process is hard but once applied you don’t get chips with these and the aztec/knit pattern is so pretty!

Snack food decals*

I think these are the cutest decals i have ever come across,i opted for an ice cream/lolly theme but there was also popcorn and pretzels that i could have used (amazing!)! These were actually a lot easier to apply than the full nail decals and again i used a top coat on top to seal the decal to the nail. Again, the staying power of these transfers is really good,and i would fully recommend these. Its a shame that the nail polish doesn’t stay for as long though!

What do you think of these nail decals? Do you like using decals?