Soap and Glory hair supply

My sister gave me this travel sized Soap and glory hair supply to try out, before then i wasn’t even aware that soap and glory did hair products,seriously. I would never have opted for this before hand as i always associate soap and glory with shower gels,scrubs etc and just kinda think stick with what you know?! Anyway, here is my verdict.

Soap and glory products all have that distinctive floral scent, i sort of like it but for someone who has sensitive skin i don’t usually like using products with a fragrance. Anyway,this hair mask is no different, i love the consistency of this when i apply it to my hair,it says to massage it from roots to tips but for me i would look like a big grease ball if i did so, so i applied a generous amount to the mid to end lengths of my hair. When  i had applied it and combed it through my hair felt so sleek and soft, it suggests leaving it on for 60 seconds but if you’re like me and like a more intensive mask i leave it on while i’m having a soak in the bath.

After washing it off my hair it did feel super soft and more manageable with no tangles. I liked the product but i kept smelling the product on my hair even after washing it off thoroughly, which isn’t a bad thing but for me it was too strong a smell. My hair the next day was also really fluffy, so for me i wouldn’t purchase this product again,it may just be because my hair is so long and it needs something that is more moisturising. But for someone with shorter hair this product is probably perfect, and at least i gave it a go! But It definitely doesn’t change my opinion on their other products which i will always keep repurchasing!

Have you tried any hair products from soap and glory? What do you think of this product?