My skin care routine

Despite not even knowing what a cleanser was last year i have tried to get a good skincare routine going now. I suffered from bad acne last year which i have discussed in previous posts, so for me the skincare products i use are cheap and simple but overly effective.  I always fancy trying the more expensive attractive skin care people blog about but they often have fragrances and can cause your skin to be worse than it already was. So, If you suffer from acne/skin prone to spots or have sensitive skin then i cant recommend these products to you enough.

Simple facial wash gel – Most of my skincare includes the Simple skincare products. I started using these when i developed acne last year, i know people will spend a lot more money on skin care than me but I’ve found something that works,it keeps my acne from coming back,cleans my skin,contains no nasty smells or chemicals,it is simple(excuse the pun) but it works fabulously if you have sensitive skin or just want something that’s cheap and it is still just as good as more expensive items.

Simple light moisturiser – I have combination skin and can get quite oily so the light moisturiser is perfect for me,i used this moisturiser while i lived in Finland and my skin was never dry despite the temperature being -30!! It does the job and that’s all i want and need from a moisturiser.

Simple cleansing face wipes – I know that face wipes are branded as lazy and not too good to the skin but if i am ever on holiday,had a late night then these are perfect and they remove your makeup quickly and easily,after nights out i used to sleep in my makeup so for me face wipes are the best for a lazy person like me when i’m tired, and again no nasty chemicals in these and they don’t irritate my skin. 

As you can tell i love Simple skincare and i will never stray from these products to more expensive and fancy items that i must admit look great but i know what works for my sensitive skin, i haven’t had acne again since using them and the products are so cheap and often on offer for 3 for 2 at boots that you just cant go wrong!

Aqueous cream – Most people have probably heard of aqueous cream at some point in their life. I use this when i have particularly dry bits on my face and body for that matter. I apply it after my normal moisturiser in the desired parts and usually by the next day my skin is back to normal,i used to apply this all over my face but its so thick that it clogged up my pores so i recommend using this on just the odd patch when and as needed.As for the body its brilliant as a daily or an intensive moisturiser every now and again,its so cheap too at only £1 for 500g tub in Savers!

Skin therapy cleansing lotion – I used to use the simple cleanser but then i discovered this one from Wilkinsons costing only 98p!! Very cheap but it literally is the identical to the simple one,its plain,simple,has no fragrance but it does its job and is really effective at removing my makeup with the aid of cotton wool.

Acne Killer mask – If you’ve been reading my blog recently you’ll now how much of a fan i am of this product, you can read my full review on it here. I use this mask once monthly now that my acne has gone just to prevent my pores from clogging up and the return of it. It is a peel off mask and it is painful, but if you are looking for a quick solution then this is it!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my cheap skin care routine! I am now off on holiday to Menorca for a week yey,but i have lots of posts lined up for you when i am back,and if you have any questions in the meantime i will reply to those as soon as i am back,i hope you all have a lovely week!What do you think? Have any of you tried these products before?