Deborah Milano 24Ore Velvet Eye Shadow

Since i began blogging i have been flabbergasted by the amount of great beauty brands that i hadn’t previously heard of and Deborah Milano UK is one of them! If you haven’t heard of them before you can find out more about them here. Their products are all at affordable prices and they sell makeup and skincare products as well as products for men, there really is something for everything! Today i am reviewing their 24Ore Velvet Eye Shadow* and the shade i picked is 18-Peacock which costs a mere £5.50!

Lets start with the packaging of this product,i love how small the shape of it is which makes it so easy to slip into a handbag/makeup bag as it doesn’t take up much room. I love how the eye shadow is encased in swirls with their iconic symbol in the middle.The little set also comes with a one sided sponge applicator which is brilliant if you are travelling or always on the go.

 I am in love with this colour,because for a start it inst your typical autumnal colour but i like that it is a bit different to the norm. As you can see from the swatches it is highly pigmented,the colour is gorgeous!! There are lots of different tones to this colour but i would describe it as a teal colour,it also reminds me of mermaid like colours,maybe why i love it so much! From the swatch you can also see that the shade is shimmery,it really does look eye catching when it is worn as its not just a simple block colour.

Usually with eye shadows i have a problem with the colour staying on all day,as it often creases, maybe i should wear a primer? But with this eye shadow the staying power was great,there were no creases throughout the day so i was very impressed. The eye shadow can be worn either wet or dry, i wore it dry but i am really intrigued to see how the colour would look if worn wet. If this shade isn’t to your fancy there are 22 shades in their whole range of the 24Ore velvet eye shadows,because i love this one so much mainly for its staying power and the highly pigmented colour i’m very tempted to get some more to add to my collection and i would fully recommend this range to you!

What do you think of this colour?Do you own any Debora Milano products?Have you worn eye shadow wet before?

*C/O Deborah Milano