Benefit They’re Real Review

Hello everyone, and a welcome to all my new followers! I have just got back from holiday today so sorry about the no new posts this last week! But I have lots of exciting posts lined up for you so I hope you enjoy reading!Anyway onto today’s post, as I’m sure most of you did i picked this travel size version of They’re real up in Glamour magazine a few months ago,there have been lots of reviews on this since but i have only just got round to trying it and it really is love. I’ve always been fond of trying out lots of mascaras to see which one i prefer and i am currently also using Loreal Paris telescopic lashes which is great but this is a real contender for perhaps my favourite mascara yet!

As you can see i naturally have quite long lashes but the ends are quite blonde so the impact of the mascara is more apparent. The applicator is quite thick to normal ones which i’m not too keen on but it does apply easily,my only niggle is that it is also has a smaller wand than most BUT it does a fantastic job at coating my lashes and its design helps to coat each individual lash meaning that is doesn’t look clumpy (like spiders webs). 

The coverage in my opinion is fantastic and as you can see in the pictures above,it achieves dark lashes,and as it states on the box 94% of people saw dramatic volume and length,i definitely agree with this however i saw more length to my lashes than volume. I also used my eye lash curler beforehand to achieve more of a lift and the mascara holds the curl like this all day. Unlike some mascaras i have tried you don’t end up having specs of the mascara half way down your face or under your eyes. It really is long lasting,it lasts me a full day which means its also harder than most mascaras at removing,so you do need to use a good  eye makeup remover for this. 

Overall, i will definitely be purchasing the full version when it has ran out,it helps me to achieve much longer and darker lashes than other mascaras i have tried. You can buy it from Boots for £19.50 which is at the high end but, at the moment they have an offer on where you get the booster set for this price which includes the full size and the travel size which is perfect for travelling and on the go touch ups.

Have you tried They’re real?What are your thoughts on this product?