WAH Nails – Book of Nail Art

Wah nails book

wah nails book

I am completely obsessed with following WAH Nails on Instagram, their designs are amazing and I am lusting over every design! Whenever I next end up in London I am definitely taking myself down to WAH nails in the Oxford street store of Topshop for a manicure, the only problem would be deciding what design to go for!

Much to my delight, towards the end of last year I discovered they had a nail art book and I bought this from Urban Outfitters for £9.99. It features 25 nail art designs with a full set of instructions which are really easy to follow, it also has other pages of inspiration and the current nail designs they offer in store and if you want to design your own nail art there is a space for that too!

I love this book so much and I have attempted most of the nail art designs, I’m no WAH nail artist though sadly. Here is one of my attempts of their basketcase nail design!

wah nails book

wah nails book

Above are the nail art pens that I have been using, I picked these up in Urban Outfitters while I was in Sweden so unfortunately I don’t know the cost in pounds, they are fab though, and they can be used as a nail art pen or a nail varnish and as well as this, attached to the bottom is lots of gems which are colour coordinated to the varnish colour.

Thank you so much for reading,please feel free to comment below I love hearing from all of you!

What do you think? Have any of you got this nail art book or had a your nails done by WAH?