How To Do Newsprint Nails Tutorial!

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend, despite the weather being rainy where I live i’m making the most of it!

Here is a simple nail art tutorial on how to do newsprint nails, it isn’t time consuming and the result is a simple, yet such a different design!

Finished result

What you’ll need:

-Your nails!


-Light coloured nail polish(such as nude,light pink,white)

-Top coat

-Vodka (paint stripper!)

Tip – The cheaper the vodka the better
Top coat – Collection 2000// Barry M – Lychee

1. Firstly I chose a light coloured nail polish for the base coat of my nails, this is so the news print will show up more clearly against a light nail. I find that white works best, but this time I used Barry M Lychee (nude).

2. Then take a newspaper and tear into strips roughly a bit bigger than your nail, do this 10 times, one for each nail.

3. All you need is a tiny bit of vodka or paint stripper for the next step. I poured a little bit into the lid for this, I then dipped one nail at a time into the vodka and then pressed one of the strips onto the nail for about 10 seconds, peel it back and you have newsprint nails!

4.Continue this for all nails and then add a top coat on top to seal the print onto the nails. It really is an easy way to have some cute nails!

Finished result//Sorry the light isn’t very good on this picture!

I hope you enjoyed reading! You can also use this technique with old maps which is also really effective. Have any of you tried this before? 🙂