Part 1. My Guide To Surviving Freshers Week

surviving freshers week

Its nearly that time of the year again when all of the fresh faced first years will be starting university. To say I’m sad that i’m going into my third year is a massive understatement. But with basically two years spent being a fresher, once in Southampton and then again on my exchange year in Finland I’ve experienced and learned a lot as well as having had a huge heap of fun!

My short guide here is me telling you what I wish I knew before I went to university, in the hope to help you survive the craziest and funnest week of your life!

Here are some of my top tips;

-As soon as you arrive and have unpacked/settled in make an effort to get to know your housemates, leave your door open so people can come in and chat, try and get involved with some of the events going on and befriend people on your uni course. I was unfortunate to be put with some people in my house that didn’t really make an effort, but because I had made friends with my course friends I always had that group of people to do things with.

-Make sure you find out when your freshers fair is on and go there early! I got so much free stuff, including food, cooking stuff, vouchers, sweets, discount codes, free entry to clubs as well as hearing about any exciting events that were going on that week. I recommend going down early because the stuff goes fast and most people who went towards the afternoon went away empty handed.

-Sadly the myth about freshers 8 pounds (where you gain 8 pounds in this crazy week) during freshers week/fortnight is true to some extent(not everyone)! Before I went away I was naive and knew that someone as fit and healthy as me wouldn’t gain weight. Well I did. I drank more than I ever had before, I actually ate takeaways and could have as much pic n mix where and when I wanted (sweet deprived child over here), had many late nights, never exercised and I wasn’t really looking after myself. You want to enjoy your freshers week, but don’t drink to excess and know your limits as no one likes to be the embarrassed housemate on the first night, yeh, I’ve been there!

surviving freshers week
Don’t be this person in freshers week

-Be careful on nights out and stick together in a group, to me it’s strange that it’s your first few days in a strange place yet you allow yourself to become drunk in this group of people you don’t know very well, so be careful on the first week, never leave your drink alone, leave the club with someone else and if in doubt get a taxi home!

-BUDGET! So many people I know didn’t budget and blew all of their money in the first week partying, every year I save up before I go back so I know I have that to fall back on if needed. I also budgeted for each month on food, mobile contract, gym memberships, alcohol…. and then the rest definitely goes on clothes and makeup, boring but its best to know where you stand with money.

surviving freshers week
So skint he resulted to drinking alcohol spilled on the floor..

-However hungover you are, don’t stay in bed all day! Have a look around the place and get your bearings, I spent so many nights out getting lost! Make sure you know how to get to all the uni campuses (if more than one), register with the local doctors, know where the hospital and police station is and the nearest food shops, takeaways and night clubs! It it is worth knowing where the hospital is just in case you or someone else needs it! Also make sure you have a local taxi number saved to your phone, some taxi companies even offer discounts to students.

surviving freshers week

-Do dress up! I took so many fancy dress costumes to uni and used the majority whether it it is for the notorious Carnage bar crawl (my fave) where there is a different theme each time, Halloween or a birthday occasion. Plan outfits to take so you don’t end up spending more money while you are away.

surviving freshers week
So do dress up and look more orange than the entire cast of towie,geordie shore etc you get the idea..

-Lastly have fun!! That’s what freshers week (fortnight) is all about and I had the best time ever and wish I could relive it all again! Be safe, take care, make friends and don’t exceed your limits and you’ll have the best time!

I hope these tips are helpful and if you have any other questions about university life please leave a comment below, I would be more than happy to answer it for you! Is anyone going to either of the Southampton universities this year?

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