Back To School Bags Edit

Every year before I have gone back to school or university it has always been a tradition of mine to start the new year with a new bag! This year is no exception.

I am loving that rucksacks are coming back into fashion, they are much more forgiving on the back and so much easier to carry, as well as being super cute. Here are some of my top picks of school bags.

1. Henry Holland – £45// 2.Topshop – £36// 3.River Island – £20// 4. Kanken – £40// 5.Bank – £25// 6. Asos – £29.99// 7.New Look – £24.99// 8. Motel Rocks – £35// 9. Accesorize – £35

I want every single one of these bags as they are all different in their own ways and they are all quite reasonably priced and some shops also have offers on at the moment.

Regarding number 8 there is also a dupe of this in Primark at the moment which priced around £5 I think, such a great bargain. Now I have to try my best at whittling it down to just one…

Thanks for reading, I love hearing from any fellow bloggers so feel free to leave a comment below. Which are your favourites?