Acne Killer peel off mask | Review


 I have always suffered from skin which is prone to a few spots but at the end of last year I developed really bad acne, which I believe came on from badly blocked pores as I knew I hadn’t been looking after my skin properly the previous summer.

The acne was so bad and if anyone has ever had it you know how much it knocks your confidence and makes you self conscious. I tried every spot remedy under the sun, wasted a lot of money and nothing worked, I was also reluctant to try medication to treat it.

Whilst I was living in Finland I saw an ad which came up for an Acne killer face mask, I translated the page to English and as a last ditch attempt I went for it and paid for a 5 pack of these masks which was about 20 euros, it’s benefits of using the mask are so good that they guarantee your money back if it doesn’t work!

Now back in the UK you can purchase these from Stylelux UK for £14.95, I have also seen these on eBay.

It is a danish brand so it is not readily available to the UK at the moment. I have never found anything that worked on my spots in the past but please believe me, this product is an absolute MIRACLE!


Sorry for the stern face,the mask was so tight i couldn’t smile haha

This mask claims to ‘remove pimples, blackheads, impurities, and excess oil while the mask dries in just minutes.Not weeks, not days, not even hours. Just minutes!’ It also removes dead skin cells from the surface of your skin and when it is peeled away it leaves your skin looking cleaner, fresher and smoother than ever.It also contains completely natural ingredients meaning it wont irritate the skin.

This mask has a thick and gloopy consistency, but it spreads onto the skin easily, my tips for this are to avoid the delicate skin areas such as under the eyes and away from your eyebrows, I also push my hair back with a headband because this mask will stick to your hair and rip it out! I usually leave the mask on longer than the 10 minutes recommended, but to be fully dry it takes about 40 minutes.

Now I must say, this mask is not for the faint hearted. Peeling this mask off is so painful, BUT for me it is totally worth it as you can see from below it comes off in one piece unlike other peel off masks i have used in the past which are watery and end up having to be taken off in multiple pieces and you can actually see what has been pulled out from your pores.

From the first use it pulled out all of my dead skin cells meaning that it was a fast and effective way of clearing my badly blocked pores.

Pretty scary!

I used this mask once every two weeks while I had the acne, and I kid you not my acne started to clear up straight away I really could not believe it, it was a miracle!

2 months later and my acne had completed vanished, I wasn’t even left with any small spots. I now use this mask once a month just to prevent my pores from becoming blocked again and since February I have only had a few spots here and there, but nothing major.

I literally cannot recommend this product enough to anyone that is suffering from acne or has skin prone to spots, I wont lie because it is painful and it does sting for a while after but this does calm down quite quickly, but I will never stop using it as it has been the only thing I have ever used which has treated and cured my acne. At £14.95 it is not that expensive and it has meant that I haven’t wasted more money on trying to find an alternative that works.

I am so happy I discovered this whilst I was in Finland because else I would probably still be suffering from acne and I hope I can help some of you in the discovery of it!

Have any of you tried this before? What are your thoughts on this product?