Stockholm or booze cruise?

I went to Stockholm on a trip back in September, but I thought I would share and look back on the time there. The first organised exchange trip for last year was a boat trip to Stockholm, 3 days in total. But we would technically spend more time on the boat than in the city!

There were about 100 students on this trip and we took the coach from Tampere to the dock in Helsinki. As expected, on the boat we would all be staying in the economy cabins which are in the bowels of the ship beneath the cars even! Our cabins were for 4 people and we were mixed with people we had never met before on exchange, but my cabin were all really nice luckily!

The Small Cabin For Four

The duty free shop on the boat opened at 5pm and all the students were queued up waiting to get their alcohol for the journey. As soon as some of them had purchased their drink people who hadn’t already started drinking on the coach to Helsinki started at 5pm!!! It was so crazy, I certainly didn’t.

In the evening there was various entertainment on the ship including and an ABBA tribute in the nightclub, bingo and a guitarist in the Irish bar. But I think everyone had the idea of just drinking in the corridors of the ship and annoying other people on the boat.

I felt so sea sick so I retired to my cabin to ‘try’ and sleep….so that didn’t happen, everyone was so rowdy. I just thought it was ridiculous that the majority of the other exchange students are ages 25 plus and they were all behaving like under aged teenagers. I like to think I’m more classy than drinking on the floor of the ships corridors anyway. I think most peoples morals for the trip were ‘its all about the journey, not the destination’ But This part of the trip I did not enjoy…

Corridor drinking, so much fun….

Anyway, we arrived at Stockholm the following day at 10am and we had to be back to the ship by 4pm meaning that we only had 6 hours in the city. However, by the time we got the bus into town this only left us with 5 hours which is not enough time to do anything! No one really had a plan as to what to do so we headed straight into the centre where all the shops were.

The city really reminds me of a French city, it really was so beautiful. The shops were very upmarket and I was surprised to see shops such as American Apparel and Urban Outfitters! After walking through the shops we found a local market selling fruits and vegetables which was a refreshing change from the shops.

Gorgeous fruit market

In the afternoon we headed into the old town and had a look around a cathedral which had gorgeous design work  inside.

The weather was so gorgeous on the day so we spent some time sat in the sun also by a water feature in the old town. Sadly this is all we managed to do in our few hours time that we had in Stockholm!

The trip only cost 55 euros so I got what I expected, but I shall definitely be visiting this beautiful city again, but perhaps by air this time! The next exchange trip that I went on was  St Petersburg which was for 5 days and i will be getting a post up on that soon! Thanks for reading 🙂

Sat by the water feature in the sun 🙂

Moi Moi Nicole xo

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