Helsinki Company Visits – Nokia & Aditro

Last year for my course Tools For Organisational Change at TAMK, Tampere we went to Helsinki for the day to visit two companies, Aditro which is a consulting company and the headquarters of Nokia.

Only until recently I even found out that The company Nokia was from Finland! This was the first visit of the day and as you can see from my pictures the building was amazing! It was built with practically all glass as the outer face and the inside was just as impressing with spiral staircases, wooden floors, a view of the sea and various floors of offices built with glass!

We all got our own name badges as we entered and we were led to a conference room where are host led a talk about driving change within their company. The whole point of the talk was linked to our studies in this course and it was how the company drives changes with their projects. They provided us with tea and coffee and the BEST Finnish pastries, they certainly taste nicer than English ones anyway!

nokia helsinki

My Name Badge

nokia helsinki

The Amazing Architecture Inside The Nokia Building

nokia helsinki

The Topic In our Lecture At Nokia

After this we had a short time to get lunch from a local shopping centre in Helsinki. I really would have liked a longer time to spend in Helsinki but it was a tight turn around because we had to go from company to company.  But I shall definitely be spending a day or two in Helsinki to properly look around the city very soon.

We then went to our last stop for the day which was the Aditro consultancy company, not as impressive by any means, but it was still nice to see another Finnish company and how it works.

This talk was taken by two male employees and this was about Lean management which also complimented my studies in Operations Management. We were put into groups and we had to watch a video of their boss making a cup of coffee, we had to list all of the processes into a value stream map and then we had to see which ones were waste and could be eliminated to make it a quicker process. It was nice to do something interactive in the day and dare I say It I think I learnt more about lean management in 1 hour than I have in 8 weeks of classes of operations management!

aditro helsinki

So that was the end of our trip which I thoroughly enjoyed! It was nice to see some Finnish companies and makes me want to aspire to maybe do something like that when I finish my degree! I just wish I was fluent in Finnish 🙁

Moi Moi Nicole xo

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