Half way there, spring semester In Tampere

Well I am half of the way through the year now studying as an exchange student in Tampere, Finland. Everything feels completely different to when I first arrived here back in the summer.

The corridors in Lapinkaari which used to be noisy and where there was always someone to chat to are now deadly quiet and since I have arrived back I haven’t seen one person here. Hopefully some more people will start to move in in the following weeks. Because I have been so bored I thought it would be best to be productive with my time and start my blog up again!

The weather here now is cold, but I thought it would be a lot colder as it is only just reaching into the minus temperatures again. However, there is still a lot of snow on the ground and there is forecast to be more on the way for the rest of the week. Because the temperatures have slowly risen a bit it has meant that the ground outside is pretty slippery and even with the best grips on my snow boots I’m still at a risk of slipping over. My mum gave me some spikes that can be fitted onto shoes so I’m going to definitely try those out. Has anyone else used this and do they work?!

The Snow In December In Tampere

Also in my accommodation there is no freezer space at all so last year I really struggled with cooking a variety of foods but because the temperature is freezing now I have put up a make shift freezer outside which is working brilliantly! So easy to use and its right outside my window!

Freezer Complete With Stockmann Bag – you don’t get more Finnish than that!

My classes aren’t due to start until next week either so I have a free week to myself so I’m hoping to get right up to date with my blogging and also start going to the swimming pool a few times a week again. The only thing so annoying about swimming in this weather is if you go outside with wet hair after it freezes straight away, it’s pretty funny but must be awfully damaging for your hair I can imagine!

Feeling sorry for myself in bed writing this after picking up a horrible cold while at home in England for Christmas, typical really as I haven’t been ill once since living in Finland. I really do think the air is so much fresher and healthier here, I don’t suspect any viruses would be able to spread in this cold weather anyway.

Would love to hear from fellow bloggers out there about any winter survival tips!

Moi Moi  Nicole xo

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