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Oh, HEY. Thanks for stopping by. As my love affair with fashion, expensive home interiors and my journey to learning how to adult continues, this is the place you need to be to see it all first hand. You'll also always find me lingering around Instagram and Twitter when I'm not documenting what I wore on here or grabbing some Marmite on toast.

I've been around here for a while now, and I think I'm going to be sticking around for some time to come. I love to write, I love to take pretty pictures and most of all, I love networking and getting to know you all, online and offline.

So before you delve into the juicy bits, here's some frequently asked questions that I'm sure you've be dying to find out if you've stumbled upon my about me page! Catch you later. 

When did you start your blog? Sleek-Chic was born in August 2013, one boring summer before I headed back to university and after deliberating starting a blog for over a year. I initially started blogging in 2012 about my travels in Finland, but as my love for fashion and beauty evolved it has since turned into a fashion & lifestyle blog which is now 3 years old!

What do you do for a living? I work in digital marketing & SEO for one of the largest e-commerce companies in the South West which is situated in Plymouth. So, if you need any SEO tips for your blog or tips on social media growth just drop me an email or a tweet! 

What camera do you use? And who takes your photos? There really is a mix of different pictures on my blog taken with different cameras, I started off with an 18mp digital camera but I currently use a Canon 1200d with a 18-55mm or 50mm lens which I absolutely adore. I also use my Iphone 6 for snaps on the go, it has surprisingly great quality! It really doesn't matter about what camera you use though, lighting really is an integral part to getting a great shot! I'm lucky to have such a supportive Mum and she takes all of my outfit pictures, pretty good huh?

What did you study at University? I studied International Business Management at Southampton Solent University which was a 3 year course and involved a year studying in Tampere, Finland which was undoubtedly the best experience of my life! You can read more about my studies here.

Is your hair real? How long has it taken you to grow it? Yes, my hair is real and to most peoples surprise I actually had a bob all the way up until I was 16 when I made the decision to grow it and I haven't looked back. It's probably taken 6 years to get it to this length and now I just have a trim every 6 months or so. Check out my blog post on my tips for growing long hair here

Are you a PR friendly blogger and do you work with many brands? I have been lucky enough to work with a lot of brands and companies over the past two years, I will always state on my posts whether it has been gifted to me and I will always write my honest thoughts on the item. I am a PR friendly blogger so if you are a brand or company looking for bloggers to review items, or for sponsored posts then please do so using the email : nicolelisasage@msn.com. You can view my full details and disclosure here

How can I contact you? You can contact me by email: nicolelisasage@msn.com or for a quicker response just tweet me: @Sleekchicblog

What are your social media channels?
Twitter:@Sleekchicblog/ Pinterest: Nicole Sage / Instagram: @NicoleLsage /Bloglovin: Sleek-chic/ Google +: Nicole Sage - these are all easy ways that you can communicate with me/but do tweet me for a quicker response!  I would be more than happy to help with any questions, and if you ever have any suggestions for future blog posts please do let me know, enjoy! 


Throughout the last three years, Sleek-Chic has collaborated with many brands, including:
Please find below where Sleek-Chic has been featured in the press, including screenshots, links and articles. 

Featured in:
Dorothy Perkins
The Herald - Plymouth local newspaper front page
Weekend Plymouth Herald
Boohoo Stylefix Online Magazine


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