Thursday, February 23, 2017

Spring Shoes Wishlist


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The best bit about the spring? Obv, the cute little pastel loafers, anything floral, and cute little ankle boots that aren't ruined by a pair of Primark tights that have seen better days (and mine certainly have, it's one of those things I can just never be bothered to buy, y'know?). As the lighter evenings are on the way, YAY - this does mean people can now see how my makeup has literally melted off my face as I leave the office, BUT it does mean that it's the perfect excuse to splash out on some new shoes to bring a smile to my face, did someone say payday is next week?...

Like always, I am a magpie to anything pastel coloured and fluffy, as well as pretty cute loafers. Loafers seems to be a BIG thing this year, almost as big as those pop pom covered sandals that literally everyone had last summer. They're super comfy too which is always a winner, and they seem to be available in every colour and embellishment that you could think of. I'm a huge fan of these pineapple loafers from Boohoo, so dreamy!

I've also had my eye on a few pairs of sturdy ankle boots that are perfect for that in between weather when you don't know whether it's going to rain or be 30 degrees melting heat. Brantano have a great selection of ladies ankle boots that are stylish and practical - and I definitely need to add some practical shoes to my collection, once and for all. You may recognise these amazing Rocket Dog Aztec Boots from an outfit post that I did last year, they really are the ultimate boots for festivals, they look great and they're waterproof too! 

So if these 9 pairs of ultra swoon worthy shoes could land on my doorstep in the next week that would be great! Roll on Spring...

What do you think of my picks? Are you a fan of the loafer trend? 

*Products marked with an asterix (*) have been sent to me for review. However, all opinions in this post are 100% my own
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