Wednesday, January 18, 2017

100 Date Night Ideas

I'm counting down the days until I'm no longer in a long distance relationship. When I can spend longer than 2 days a month together and can actually have frequent date nights, that would be a fine thing, eh?

It can be all too easy for couples to do the same Netflix, films and binge every Friday night. So whether you're looking for some new date ideas or for first date ideas or things to do with your friends, these 100 should certainly keep you going for a while...

1. Build your own burger night
2. A long walk/hike
3. Dinema - Grab some dinner and head to the cinema
4. Takeaway with film night
5. Make homemade pizzas - even make the bread from scratch!
6. Trampolining
7. Go for brunch
8. Exercise together - running, swimming, HIIT etc
9. Sit by the sea
10. Go to a comedy night
11. Go to the theatre
12. Take a dance class together
13. Watch a football/rugby/other sport together
14. Go to the seaside for fish and chips and ice cream
15. Pamper night - so underrated for couples, but sooo good
16. Chocolate fondue night
17. Do some baking
18. Go to an outdoor/ drive through cinema
19. Roadtrip!
20. Have a bar crawl together
21. Plan a picnic
22. Board game night
23. Phone free night
24. Spa day
25. Stargaze - grab some blankets, warm drinks and look up to the stars together
26. Plan a surprise date
27.Wine tasting 
28. Visit a museum
29. Strawberry/pumpkin/various other fruit picking
30. Coffee and cake date
31. Go to the beach
32. Take a surfing class
33. Be a tourist in your own city
34. Go to the park
35. Build a fort - all the fairy lights and cosy blankets
36. Go to a food market
37. Take a city break - staycation or abroad
38. Go on a ghost tour - most cities will do one
39. Romantic meal
40. Ice Skating
41. Have a double date with your friends
42. Go to Ikea purely for meatballs and Daim cake
43. Watch the sunset/sunrise (2 different date night/morning ideas!)
44. Watch some fireworks
45. Boat ride
46. Skinny dipping
47. Binge watch netflix 
48. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen
49. Go wild swimming (strongly recommend after my breakwater swim!)
50. Play video games
51. Outdoor yoga class
52. During Christmas walk around your streets and admire all the Christmas lights
53. Choose new Christmas decorations together
54. Do everything by fairy lights/ candlelight for an evening
55. Go to a theme park
56. Go to a dry ski slope/ indoor ski centre
57. Carve pumpkins
58. Go to a corn maze
59. Work your way through the alphabet for date night ideas (e.g A - abseil, B - bike ride)
60. Rock climbing
61. Mini golf
62. Buy a disposable camera and take lots of pictures!
63. Go camping... or glamping
64. Shop for each other - set a budget and buy each other an outfit or something nice
65. Recreate your first ever date
66. Go to a fancy bar/restaurant and dress up to the nines
67. Go to a midnight viewing of a horror film
68. Back to front day - dinner first and breakfast last
69. Go bowling
70. Buy tickets to a concert
71. Do something you've both never done before
72. Have a water fight
73. Throw a themed dinner and movie night
74. Movie marathon weekend - complete with endless snacks
75. Half and half - both of you organise one half of the date night or day
76. Pick out a Christmas tree and decorate it together
77. Carpool karaoke?
78. Write letters to each other and post them
79. Toast marshmallows on a fire - make s'mores!
80. Go fishing
81. Head to a waterpark
82. Fly a kite
83. Head to a flea market/car boot sale
84. Share a bubble bath 
85. Start a DIY project together after picking one from pinterest
86. Buy a takeway pizza and eat it in the park (weather permitting!)
87. Go to a shopping centre 
88. Have a quiz night
89. Have an indoor picnic on the floor with plenty of candles and fairy lights
90. Bike ride
91. Feed ducks at the pond
92. Enroll in a class together - learn a language, learn a skill and have some fun
93. Go to a roller skating night/party
94. Snuggle by the fire
95. Plan a dream holiday together
96.Hot air balloon ride
97. Drive somewhere unknown and have dinner in a place you've never been to
98. Pick out each others outfits for a date
99. Read a book together
100. Share the biggest milkshake you've ever laid eyes on
Don't worry if you can't choose, I'm going to be writing my favourites onto pieces of paper and put them all together in a jar. Then every Friday, or whenever I fancy a date night, I'll pick something out for us to both do. You can then put the idea back in the jar or replace with something new once you've done it. The best thing is most of these ideas are free or relatively cost free, so there's really no excuse to do something a little bit different every once in a while.

Do you have any other date night ideas? Do you have frequent date nights? What's your ultimate date night?
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