Monday, July 25, 2016

Skandium, Carl Hansen Home Furniture Wishlist

I'm currently in the midst of frantically saving for a house deposit and I'm aiming to move out at the start of next year, all being well. So my Pinterest is currently going into over drive and I'm buying little things here and there throughout so it won't seem so expensive when I have to furnish the whole house. I'm currently dreaming of having a house with a Scandic theme, I want it to be quite minimalistic, but finished off with lots of cute details so it doesn't look too 'show homey'. I'm discovering new home brands all the time, thanks to Pinterest. 

I was recently introduced to Skandium, you guessed it, home to Scandinavian design and furniture. The make that caught my eye was Carl Hansen, who have over a 100 year history for craftsmanship, manufacturing modern classics which are characterised by enduring beauty and exceptional quality. They have a wide range of furniture including chairs, tables and sofas that could be placed in a living room, dining room or anywhere that would really benefit from a classic design. Unfortunately, the brand is probably slightly too much out of my price range for now, but if I win the lottery tomorrow I know where I'm going to be heading!

The items I added to my Carl Hansen wishlist are classic essentials that would look perfect in any living room or office space. I'm wanting to invest in quite a simplistic chair like the top left wooden chair which I would then use to drape a white fur throw over, I think that looks amazing whether it's in a dressing room or an office (you can tell I've been on Pinterest!). I similarly want a nice big and comfy, yet simple sofa like this one, I've got my eye on some of the Nikki McWilliams biscuit cushions that I can't wait to fill my future home with, they just look so cute! I'm more of a fan of finding the right chair for my future home, but this round dining/tray table caught my eye, I think it would look great with contrasting white chairs. There's so much to choose from in their selection, and if you're willing to invest in some timeless pieces for your home, I would fully recommend taking a look at Carl Hansen's collection on Skandium. 

What pieces have caught your eye? Who else is currently saving to move out?  I would love to see if anyone else has done any similar furniture/home decor wishlist style posts!

*This post has been written in collaboration with Skandium, but all my opinions are honest, and are 100% my own. 

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