Sunday, January 31, 2016

All Boxed Up Home Spa Beauty Box | Review

There's nothing I love more than getting my hands on some amazing branded beauty products at a fraction of the price. With the rise in beauty boxes on the market, there is an incredible choice of reasonably priced boxes these days that offer a selection of both full sized and mini products at a discounted price. Last week I was introduced to the beauty offer company All Boxed Up. Fairly new to the beauty box market, they have already delivered some great value themed beauty boxes, and their first offer for 2016 is this Home Spa Beauty Box*. This beauty box is worth £113 which can be purchased for only £19.99 which even includes postage!! Containing 5 full sized products including brands Cowshed, Timebomb and Percy & Reed, I was instantly impressed with their offering, and they were just the type of products that I needed to look after, and heal my body during dreary January!
I've never come across something quite like this Percy & Reed foaming treatment mask for your hair. Designed for flat and fine hair, this is a rich conditioning treatment that claims to add volume and bounce to your hair, whilst moisturising your tresses. The application of this is just like a hair mousse which I just couldn't get my head around, instead of applying it directly to your hair you dip your comb or brush into the foam and comb it through your hair from root to tip. After getting my head around this conditioning mousse, I must say I am incredibly impressed. My hair doesn't feel so sleek and soft when I wash it out, which means it has left my hair bouncy, fluffy and less greasy for longer. I would recommend this product to anyone for its innovation and long lasting treatment!
I've never tried anything in the Time Bomb range, but have always lusted after their packaging and array of fancy beauty products to enhance my skincare regime. This Derm Warfare night serum is known as the secret weapon in the wear against ageing. The formula is a gentle, but powerful blend of glycolic acid and rejavastin complex which works by lifting off the dead surface layer of the skin and promoting the skins elasticity for a more toned, and plumper look. I'm still on the look out for a good night serum that works well with my skin, so after reading up on reviews I'm hoping for good things with this serum!
Another brand that I've not had the pleasure of trying is Pecksniff's England. Fragranced with sandalwood and vanilla, this is an intensive moisturiser which is enriched with argan oil - an oil which is renown for its array of benefits for your hair, body and nails. I've never used a dry body oil before, probably through lack of understanding of the product and fear of making my clothes and bedding oily! But this claims to be a fast absorbing oil  which leaves your skin non greasy, as well as being incredibly nourishing for your skin.  In its fancy tall blue bottle, I'm looking forward to testing this out in my night time routine as well!
This Cowshed invigorating body lotion is simply divine!  The packagaing of Cowshed products is gorgeous anyway, and I love the monochrome theme to this bottle with a pop of colour on the writing. A little bit of this lotion really does go a long way as it's super moisturising, so a bottle like this is going to last me a long time! Scented like lemon sherbets, it has a blend of essential oils, lemongrass, ginger and rosemary, with lemongrass being the most noticeable note of the fragrance. 
Sanctuary Spa is one of my favourite luxurious bathing brands, and for good reason too! I am yet to try this Drift Away Bath Float which is part of the Sanctuary Spa range of sleep products. This creamy bath float is the perfect formula to add to a warm bath and which will fill your bath with thick, comforting bubbles. I really cannot wait to use this, because as you all know, I love a good soak and relax in the bath. This bath float also claims to help reduce muscle tension, stress and anxiety before sleep which is definitely what I need after a hard week at work!! I will look to do a full review on this in the future, you may even see it pop up in my monthly beauty favourites!

The All Boxed Up Home Spa Beauty Box really is packed full of some amazing brands and products that I now have the pleasure of trying out! This beauty box is an incredible offer considering all of the products amount to a staggering £113 in total! It's also a great way of testing things out to see if you really like the brand and the products, and for £19.99 you really can't go wrong! They also have a range of other beauty boxes on offer at the moment including a Valentine's Day beauty box, Telegraph Winter Beauty Box and more!

Have you heard of Unboxed? Have you tried any of these products?

*Products marked with an asterix (*) have been sent to me for review. However, all opinions in this post are 100% my own
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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

100 Blog Post Ideas To Help Kick Writers Block!


As a blogger there will inevitably come a time that you lose motivation to post and your productivity wains. It's happened to the best of us, and it's certainly no easy feat to continually keep coming up with fresh new content when you blog so many times a week. At the start of the year I wrote a big list in my diary of blog post ideas that I could schedule throughout the year, it's made life so much easier for me, and has been key to helping me keep up a regular blogging routine! So for all of those times that you too hit writers block and you need something to kick start your blogging mojo again, here are 100 blog post ideas that include a mixture of beauty, fashion and lifestyle topics that you can call upon when needed!

#1. Outfit post
#2. Clothing/Homeware wishlist
#3. Clothing haul
#4. Monthly beauty favourites
#5. Review a makeup product
#6. Everyday makeup routine
#7. 5 favourite lipsticks
#8. Pamper night routine
#9. Celebrity style steals: Get the look for less
#10. 3 ways to wear..dress, top, scarf etc
#11. What to pack in your hand luggage (travelling)
#12. What's in my handbag
#13. Holiday lookbook
#14. How to tutorials
#15. Run a competition
#16. Photo editing tips
#17. Charity shop style challenge
#18. Work wear outfit post
#19. DIY clothing tutorial
#20. Top fashion tips
#21. Interior house tour
#22. Share your favourite bloggers
#23. Top trends for the upcoming season
#24. How to survive freshers week
#25. Tips for overcoming homesickness
#26. Makeup dupes: Save or splurge
#27. Book review
#28. Exercise tips
#29. Haircare routine
#30. Skincare routine
#31. Travel/Holiday diary
#32. SEO tips for bloggers
#33. Top 10 coffee places in...(*insert town*)
#34. 10 things that make you happy
#35. Why you started blogging and how far youve come
#36. Day in the life of...
#37. Life lately on Instagram
#38. Your favourite travel destinations
#39. Favourite brands
#40. New years resolutions and life goals
#41. Blogging tips
#42. Bucket list
#43. Favourite TV shows
#44. Summer beauty essentials
#45. 10 facts about me
#46. Blogger meet ups
#47. Gift guide (Christmas, Valentines, Mother's Day etc)
#48. Favourite recipe
#49. Gift wrapping ideas
#50. List of the best deals/discounts
#51. Nail art tutroial
#52. Share personal experiences
#53. Top 5 places to take blog photos in (insert town)
#54. Ideas for date night
#55. Budget outfit post
#56. Favourite clothing stores and why
#57. Favourite phone apps
#58. Current music playlist
#59. Review your last year in outfit posts
#60. Create a series post - a challenge, beauty series, fashion etc
#61. You know you're a beauty blogger when...
#62. How to grow a following on twitter etc
#63. Top 5 going out essentials
#64. Saving money tips
#65. Favourite places in your hometown
#66. Capsule wardrobe
#67. Guide to the daily blogger chats
#68. What you would tell your younger self
#69. Top 5 favourite healthy snacks
#70. 10 things to keep you occupied when travelling
#71. An interview with a local blogger/brand
#72. How to grow long hair
#73. A review of  hotel stay
#74. Workout/gym wear outfit
#75. Favourite things about the seasons
#76. What motivates you
#77. How to get the most out of university
#78. Interview tips
#79. 5 best face masks
#80. Lush cosmetics haul/favourites
#81. Contouring tutorial
#82. Blog posting routine
#83. Digital detox
#84. Ways to de-stress
#85. 5 disappointing makeup products
#86. Night out makeup routine
#87. Share a/your youtube videos
#88. Favourite Instagram accounts
#89. Instagram vs reality
#90. Activities that dont involve alcohol
#91. How to make your own face mask/ body scrub
#92. How to overcome jetlag
#93. High end makeup wishlist
#94. Controversial topic/opinion
#95. Blog about a picnic
#96. 5 favourite clothing purchases to date
#97. 10 essentials for bloggers
#98. Is social media good for you?
#99. Homeware interior favourites
#100. Write your own list of blog ideas!

This little lot of ideas will definitely keep you going for a while if you're struggling for blog post ideas! The best thing is a lot of these don't require you to spend ANY money, unless you want to of course - you can have fun with all of these blog posts too, but most of all remember to blog for yourself, and not what you think you should be writing, or what is popular at that time. Make your content unique and original in your own way and the readers will come to you!

Do you have any other blog post ideas? Have you written a similar post?

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Friday, January 22, 2016

10 Activities That Don't Involve Alcohol

Firstly, I would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who took the time to read my 'Why it's okay to be a teetotal 23 year old' that I posted last week. I received such an overwhelming response of comments and tweets that were all so supportive and kind. I'm so glad that I was able to reach out to people and interact with others who like me, are also teetotal. I achieved what I set out to do and writing it down has actually felt like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders which is great! So, leading on from that I thought it was the perfect time to do a post on 10 activities that don't involve alcohol. These ideas can be enjoyed by literally anyone who fancies a weekend without alcohol, a money saving activity or for someone who doesn't like drinking. Now that alcohol is not my vice I spend my time and money on more worthwhile things I really enjoy, my list of 10 are catered for those of all budgets, whilst the majority really are cost free!

#1. Head to a cute cafe
If you've followed me long enough on any of my social platforms, you'll know that I love seeking out the cutest, quirkiest and most delicious cafes! I love them so much that I put together a blog post of 10 of my favourite coffee shops in Plymouth. Now that I don't drink, I much prefer having social gatherings in coffee shops, and I would go as far as saying that the coffee culture is almost reaching the height of the drinking culture in the UK. This really makes me happy as we seem to be getting even more amazing cafes by the month where I live. I also love going to one by myself, getting a hot chocolate, cake and reading a book. There's something so calming and relaxing about it, I love watching the world go by too!

#2. Run yourself a Lush bath
I have failed to find any kind of situation that can't be solved with a Lush cosmetics bath! I have pretty much worked my way through all of their bath bombs and bath melts ever made, and a good old soak in a hot bath is just the best! I can easily spend up to an hour in the bath without even realising. I would pick this over a night out any day!

#3.Go on a shopping spree
For those of you that have money to burn, a spot of retail therapy is good for the heart and soul! With all the money you save from alcohol & nights out, it's much more justifiable and better spent on shopping. For a start you actually have something to show for it which doesn't come in the form of a hangover! Window shopping is equally as pleasing, and fun to do with friends!

#4.Cosy night in with films, food & pampering
I think most people can vouch that a cosy night in is the fail safe option for a Friday or Saturday night, Whether you're by yourself, or have company, some good food - I'm thinking homemade pizzas, cookies & ice cream, a pamper session and some films will help to while your evening away in a cost free way.

#5.Listen to some live music
Whilst you do have to be prepared that drinking goes on at bars, gigs and festivals, live music and band events happen every weekend, usually in smaller pubs/bars and even restaurants. It's a refreshing change to watching the chart hits on the TV or watching films all weekend too.

#6.Learn something new
One of my aims for 2016, that should really be one of my resolutions is to learn something new. I also saw a 100 days challenge going around Instagram the other day in which you look to learn a new skill and build it up over 100 days, which I think is a really good idea. I really want to improve my Finnish this year, and also get my google adwords certification along with my work. Striving to better yourself all the time is the most rewarding thing that you can do for yourself, and setting small achievable goals will help you to reach your life long dreams in some way. 

#7.Do some baking
Baking delicious cakes and other indulgent goodness in the kitchen is the most satisfying way to spend your time. I spend my time scrolling past amazing recipes on Pinterest all the time, and I really need to make more of an effort in the kitchen this year to test some out. 

#8.Look for secret hideaways in your city
Despite living in your city for however long, I can almost guarantee that there will be areas that you have never visited before. I love this thought, and have made it a conscious effort of mine to discover new secret hideaways this year in Plymouth. It makes for a great adventure one weekend, and again you can do it alone or with company!

#9.Go to a local art cinema
Whilst I love going to the cinema at the weekend and watching the next block busters, if you look around your local city you'll almost always find a local arts cinema showing independent films and events. We have a couple in Plymouth, with the Plymouth Arts Centre and the Barbican Theatre. I'm writing this because I've never made the effort to go before, I love trying out new things like this and it's a great way to support your local up and coming stars!

#10.Watch a sporting event
I absolutely hate football and rugby, but have never ever been to see a live sporting event like this, so what can I know? They're meant to be so much more exciting in the flesh, and despite the fact that I probably won't have a clue what is going on, it's getting out of the box and trying something new that I normally wouldn't. When I lived in Finland it was all about ice hockey matches which really was amazing, there is different sporting events that happen all over the country and world, with most happening on weekends. So there's no better opportunity get out of the house and do something worthwhile that doesn't involve drinking.

You don't have to be confined to the comforts of your home for the weekend just because you don't drink, and if anything, getting out there and exploring and doing more things than you wouldn't have done before is the best thing. I have made so much more use of my time than I ever did before, and I'm always looking for new and exciting things to look forward to. With this list I always have an activity to fall back on and plan by myself, or with friends!

What do you think of my ideas? Do you have do any other activities that don't involve alcohol?

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Copper Homeware Wishlist

Copper Mug/Copper Baskets/Copper Alphabet Letter/Metallic Copper Phone/Copper faux leather cushion/Copper Kettle/Copper Cutlery/Copper Star Decoration/Copper Candle Holder

Copper seems to be the thing of the moment now, and it actually took me a while to learn to love this trend. But how could you not? Everything looks so design led, and the simplicity of the items just make your interior look amazing, and so 'pinteresty'! There seems to be SO many copper effect items in the shops now which definitely excites me, I just wish I had my own house to fully benefit from it! But whilst house deposits don't happen over night, I can still lust after these copper pieces and start collecting a little stash of them!

It wasn't a hard task in finding 9 copper pieces online! Focusing on tableware, decorative items and more, you can pretty much kit your whole home out in copper inspired pieces if you really want to. I absolutely love the cage like copper pieces which are a mix of candle holders, baskets and alphabet letters. Tiger also sell a really similar basket and bin come storage box which is a fraction of the price! Tiger get some great pieces in like this so it's always worth checking them out first. On the lines of high street shops I also recently picked up a pack of copper hangers from Primark for £3! I can imagine that they will look amazing on a clothes rail in my dressing room one day! As well as looking great for blog/Instagram photos. I love all of the kitchen & tableware accessories too, they are so sleek and simple that it's hard not to want them lining the sides of your kitchen. When I popped into Oliver Bonas a few weeks ago I noticed how many amazing copper pieces they had, but you can get their copper mug for about £10 less in Tesco, so I know where I will be heading instead. Finishing it off with a copper telephone, for all of those who still have landlines. It's a shame that they seem to be dying off these days with the rise in smartphones, but I always think a landline is a necessity, and how could you not want one with this retro looking copper telephone?

Are you a fan of copper? Which item is your favourite?

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Monday, January 18, 2016

OOTD | Wrapping Up Warm

Bomber Jacket - Topshop
Shirt - Topshop
Jeans - New Look
Shoes - Converse via Schuh

After an unusually mild Christmas & December it seems like the cold snap has finally arrived! We even had a little bit of snow on Friday in Plymouth during the day, but nothing substantial that warrants a snow day. I can only wish...

This was the perfect casual yet warm outfit for the weekend, this is the first pair of jeans I have ever picked up that aren't from Topshop! I have a love affair with joni jeans but fancied a change for once, the fabric on them also seems to have got a lot thinner which says to me that they are using cheaper materials, which is not ideal for the price! I love the dark grey almost black wash of these jeans from New Look and I've been looking for a colour everywhere like this. I teamed it with this cropped tartan shirt and navy blue bomber, both from Topshop. This bomber jacket was such a great investment, it makes for a really cool look, and it's also lined with fur which makes it super warm! All topped off with another Amelia Jane London pom pom hat for some extra warmth, I just can't get enough of their fluffiness!

What do you think of this outfit? What is your 'go to' place for jeans? Has it snowed where you live?

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Friday, January 15, 2016

Why it's okay to be a teetotal 23 year old...

With it being Dry January, I thought it was about time that I finally told my story, of what it is like being a teetotal 23 year old, and why I will never be able to drink alcohol again. If you think that I'm old before my time, utterly boring and that it's a life changing sentence then you would be totally wrong. Although, if you told me I would never drink again when I was 18, I would have probably laughed in your face and said well how else will I have fun? But all of that couldn't be any further from the truth. I'm hoping that this will help to reach out to people like me that can't drink alcohol, or simply just don't like it! But whatever your experiences are with alcohol, I want you to know from the start that it's actually okay to be teetotal whatever your age!

It's now coming up to my third year anniversary as a teetotal which is something I never thought would happen. Long gone are the days of waking up and thinking my life was ruined, spending my whole night and the following day with my head down the toilet. Even from when I could drink I never liked the taste of it or how sick it made me. It was a horrible attack of pancreatitis when I was 17 that probably laid out my inability to drink as I got older. Pancreatitis is a serious acute illness which is the inflammation of your pancreas (located behind your stomach). The most common trigger for it is alcohol, and something that is most commonly seen among older men, so it was an incredibly rare thing to have at such a young age, especially as I hadn't really touched alcohol before. To this day we still don't know what caused it, but it has certainly caused me a lot of issues over the years, and with little help given by the NHS I have spent years finding the root cause of what makes me ill.

I always knew that after having pancreatitis you either didn't ever drink again or you had to be very careful and drink in moderation. I mean come on I was only 17! Not yet 18, and years of drinking at university and peer pressure lay ahead of me. Even though I never enjoyed alcohol or the affects that it had on me, getting drunk was simply done because it was the socially acceptable thing to be done, it would be frowned upon if you didn't, and leave people asking you if you were ill, and you'd most certainly be branded as boring. I was chasing fun, I was young and having the time of my life, but was I really? I just SO wish I had the courage back then to say no, EVERY time I drank I would be sick, whether it was at the end of the night or the following day, I often never even ended up getting drunk because I was sick way before that could even happen. I spent every weekend of being 18 abusing my body with alcohol, and even though the worrying signs were there, I stupidly chose to ignore them.

When I started university that's when the real games began. As freshers week started, it was an ongoing battle trying to keep up with my housemates and drinking. It was freshers week after all, and did you really have any right to be at uni if you weren't getting fully involved? With mounting peer pressure and this expectation to conform to society, I got to the 4th day of Freshers week when I ended up with an alcohol induced kidney infection. I still have no idea how I passed my first year of university, whilst most of you will probably vouch that you spent 60% of the time recovering in your bed with a horrific hangover. Everything that I went through was 10 x worse than your average hangover. As the months went on the sickness intensified every time I drank, it would happen more quickly, cause awful sickness the next day and my skin would be agonising to touch. It wasn't until my year abroad in Finland that I knew it had to stop. I always thought being sick every time I drank was normal, but more people were noticing, and when it got to the stage that I was only having a few sips and being ill for the rest of the evening, I knew something wasn't quite right.  This time I really did have to listen to my body and ignore the drinking culture that I was living in. Shortly after this I had another case of pancreatitis in which the doctor openly asked me about my drinking habits and told me that the only way to prevent an attack and to live was to NEVER drink again. Whether I have also developed an allergy from alcohol along the way (likely) or that my pancreas is so damaged I will never know. But I truthfully would be on my way to death if I carried on like that, and life is far too precious for the sake of pleasing society. And when people say to me that living an alcohol free existence must be life changing, well yes it is life changing, I'm alive, happy & healthy and have gotten my life back on track, and truthfully alcohol really has robbed 3 good years from me. It's also taken me 3 years to recover and I'm finally to start to feeling better again before any of this happened to me.

Why It's okay to be a tee total whatever your age

Telling my complete story is cathartic for me in a sense as I've never written it down completely, and from doing so I realise that I made the best decision 3 years ago. However, as expected the not conforming to what society thinks you should be doing is what has upset me the most. We do live in a drinking culture, expecially in the UK where pre drinks start at 7pm and everyone is steaming by 10. I can't name one time that I have been on a night out, or at a restaurant since not drinking and been asked 'Why aren't you drinking?', or 'Oh that must be so boring, how do you do it?'. Actually I have the same fun as all of you, if not more? I certainly don't spend the whole following day in bed anymore gorging on takeaways or spending my night being ill. But do you know what, I am completely fed up of having to justify myself to people and having to provide a valid reason as to why I cant drink. You never see people asking why you don't do drugs or smoke, so why is this any different? Unfortunately through lack of understanding people can't understand that often there can be a medical reason that people can't drink or simply chose not to because they don't enjoy it. The fact is you should NEVER have to justify your behaviour to another individual. It certainly has been a rocky road for me the last 3 years with having to deal with other people, and I'm not just talking about strangers, people that I was really close to have questioned me throughout which is just madness. I've had girls try to force drinks down my throat, whilst others have accused me of lying. But even if it has taken me 3 years to get to this stage, every situation has shaped my being in some way and I wouldn't change how my lifestyle is now for anyone. Sober nights out are just as much fun (if not better) than drunken nights, for one I no longer spend the majority of my night with my head down the toilet, I remember every single detail of what happened that evening, I can wake up early the following morning, and becoming sober has opened a whole new life to me which is better than I could have ever imagined. With the obvious health benefits aside, I save an awful lot of money, lost a lot of weight and no longer have 'the fear' on a Sunday morning. Sober is not boring, nor life changing, it's a happy & healthy way of life!! I still have just as much fun as a drunk individual and the best thing is I remember every second of it! 

So here's to more enjoyable nights out, hangover free Sundays and a better outlook on health. I am still completely okay with people that drink alcohol, but all that I do ask of people is to be respectful of people who don't drink, show understanding and never question. We most certainly aren't the norm but even if you don't think so, I promise you being sober is not boring, and I for one certainly don't need to be pitied! 

What are your thought on this? Are you trying dry january? Are you a fellow tee-totaller?

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Life Lately On Instagram

So much has been going on in my life over the last couple of months, it's been a whirlwind of opportunities, work, weekends away, and of course the Christmas festivities. Because of this I thought it was about time to do a mini update on what has been going on in my life lately. As they say, a picture tells a thousand stories, which is true in some respects, but when only a few words are written on my Instagram pictures it's hard to tell you exactly what was happening at that time. So here are 9 things that I have been up to recently!

#1. So, at the end of last year I randomly turned up on the front page of my local newspaper! I was only popping into my local sainsburys to stock up on nakd bars, and I was completely flabbergasted when I spotted my face on the paper aisle. I love how unexpected it was, which leads me on to the next exciting thing that has happened already this year...

#2. On the back of appearing on the front page I was contacted by the feature editor of Weekend which is a supplement in my local newspaper on a Saturday. When I was asked whether I would be interested in publishing my content I jumped at the chance! So as you can see, on Saturday I had my first feature by way of an introduction to the readers, as well as the first publication of my latest blogs which was Black On Black. I am so incredibly proud of what I have achieved since starting my blog back in 2013, and it does just go to show you that hard work does pay off! It sounds amazing to say that I'm now the Weekend's Plymouth fashion blogger, and I can't wait to see what else 2016 has in store for me! You can read the online version of the article here.

#3. AccessAllAsos started back up again towards the end of last year which gives you behind the scenes action from Asos. It has now rebranded to include everything they did before + expert advice on blogging, social media and seo. As a present they sent across this amazing mock up cover of Asos magazine, I really was a real life cover girl. It is safe to say that my whole Facebook was fooled!

#4. In December last year I jetted off to Glasgow for the weekend to meet two of my best pals that I lived with in Finland when I was on my year abroad. I hadn't seen them in almost 3 years, and it was really amazing as it felt like nothing had changed at all! Despite being the wettest and rainiest weekend of my life, I literally had the best time, and I can't wait to go back again!

#5. December also saw another local blogger event held by Rumpus Cosy, which was organised by Ellie Mae! With deconstructed hot chocolates to hand, and the most amazing festive high tea to munch on, we chatted until the early hours of the evening! It really is great that we have such a lovely group of bloggers in Plymouth and I'm looking forward to more events like this in 2016!

#6. #DoorAppreciation became a real thing for me in 2015. I now find myself avidly seeking out new opportunities and places to find amazing doors! I think I may have found my calling in life?

#7. I literally had the most amazing Christmas, and I was so lucky with the amazing presents that I received! James also came and spent his first Christmas with me and my family which was really special. It was so nice to have some time off work to properly relax, and get myself organised for the new year!

#8. The big challenge I have set for 2016 for myself is the Plymouth breakwater swim. A 2.2km swim across the Plymouth sound. Whilst the distance doesn't faze me from years of swimming, I really really don't like the sea! It's going to be a great way to push myself and get out of my comfort zone this year, I will be starting an open water swimming series on my blog in the next few weeks so you can follow my journey!

#9. Last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting my good friend Jess from Chique Unique Critique for a lovely spa weekend in Bath! You would never have known that we had only met 2 times previous to this, we really do get on so well, and it's amazing how many friendships I have made through blogging that will inevitably last a lifetime! It was the most relaxing weekend, and definitely something to look forward to after surviving the first working week of the year!

So, that's the last couple of months in a mini nutshell! It's nice to be able to take a step back and actually let it sink in what I have been up to recently, and of course to keep you all in the loop! Now I really couldn't be more excited for the rest of 2016!

What have you been up to lately?

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Monday, January 11, 2016

OOTD | Yoga Made Me Do It

Biker Jacket - Missguided
Top - New Look
Skirt - New Look
Boots - H&M

If you follow me on Instagram you probably recognise this outfit in a picture I posted a few months ago. It has honestly taken me this long to get it up onto the blog, who am I to deny you all of this amazing mustard coloured jacket? It was definitely my favourite purchase from last year, looks can be deceiving as on the website it looked more tan than mustard so it was a bit of a shock when I received it. But I much prefer the mustard colour and it has been my favourite autumnal shade. Perfect for teaming with denim, I'm also actually wearing a top from New Look's gym range. No, I've never even taken part in Yoga before, but I do love a slogan tee! Yoga is also something I really want to try in 2016 so I guess it's a gentle push in the right direction, we have to start somewhere right?

Do you like this outfit? How would you style this jacket?
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Friday, January 8, 2016

5 Of The Best Places To Take Blog Photos In Plymouth

When I started my Fashion blog in August 2013, the most adventurous outfit posts originated in my hallway, or garden. Despite how embarrassing they look now, we all have to start somewhere, and I find it all very humbling to see how far I have come and improved over the years, with outfits, locations and photography (thanks mum!). Being a Plymouth born & bred girl I like to think that I know the city very well, and because of this I have found some places that have become iconic locations for the background of my outfit posts. Although not limited to, these are 5 of the best places to take blog photos/outfit photos in the centre of Plymouth. I promise you these places won't ever let you down, you may have to deal with a few passers by, but they let in the best light, have the best backgrounds and are all different and unique in their own way. Even if you're not from Plymouth, these might give you a good idea or some inspiration to discover some new secret hideaways in your own city.

#1. The Barbican
Coming in at number 1 is the Barbican. Full of heritage, quaint charm & cobbled backstreets, the Barbican will always hold a very special place in my heart. Whether it's a picture taken in the cobbled backstreets, by a row of old fashioned pubs or underneath flags, the Barbican offers it all. The only thing you do have to contend with is the wind & rain. I have failed to find one weekend that it hasn't been like this, and with awful lighting it can be quite a challenge. Even if you're not a blogger, or you're visiting Plymouth for the first time the Barbican needs to be on your list, in my personal opinion it's the best place to be in Plymouth, and it's the most picturesque.
#2. Royal William Yard
Situated in Stonehouse, Plymouth near Devils Point, Royal William Yard is an amazing all rounder place which has lots of delicious food & drink venues and there is so many different places that you can pose for a shot. Royal Willam Yard was previously an old naval establishment that is still in the process of regeneration. Because of this the fabric of the buildings has not changed, offering a really industrialised backdrop. Even the antiques roadshow was held in Plymouth here last summer. Royal William Yard has a lot to offer and I'm excited for the future of it, what I do know is that it will remain one of the first places that I head to for photos.
#3. By The Sea (Hoe)
Being by the sea is my favourite part of living in Plymouth and I don't think I could easily trade it for the city life in London just yet. Nothing is more scenic than being by the sea, and the Hoe in Plymouth offers a wealth of photo opportunities. Whether I'm by the beach huts, Tinside beach or posing by the sound, if you get the lighting right the pictures look amazing. It can get pretty wet and windy down here though and the weather can quickly change, so it's best to be prepared and be able to pack up in a hurry if there's a downpour!
#4. Pounds Park
Located next to the Life Centre swimming pool, about a 10 minute walk into town you'll find this beautiful park. This becomes my go to place during the spring/summer and for good reason too. The park is full of blossom and they are usually in full bloom at April time. As you can see it just makes the most stunning background, making any outfit look errrmazing!! But being a park, you usually get a lot of dogs, kids and adults here which can make getting pictures a nightmare. So it's best to go early in the morning or in the week if you can! Roll on the spring...
#5. Drakes Reservoir Park
We all have that one fail safe location that you can come to rain or shine! This place is located right next to Plymouth Uni, but it is always surprisingly quiet. The grey brick walls provide the perfect background, and it's an area that lets in a lot of light. The bonus of this place is that it's sheltered so you can still get those pictures even if the weather tells a different story. This location is the one with the least going on in the background, but it's still a favourite of mine, and the lighting and dark background makes your outfit pop!
With the help of my location manager (my mum!) I'm always on the look out for new places to use for my outfit pictures to complement my existing favourites, so if you're a local to the area, tweet me or drop me a message if you have any other ideas! Whether you live in Plymouth or not I hope you found this post interesting in some way, learning a bit about the area of Plymouth and its history in a few words. But these locations are not just for bloggers & outfit posts, if you're looking for a nice place to take photos at any time of the year these will be perfect for you!

What do you think of these locations? Which location is your favourite? Do you have favourite outfit locations in your home town?
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