Friday, February 6, 2015

Spring clothing haul!

Okay, so its definitely not Spring yet..But as soon as the new stock flies into the stores in the middle of winter I've already had enough of chunky knits, coats and boots. I feel like it's already been an eternity without wearing pretty pastel/candy coloured clothing and I am so ready for all the new trends this season. This is more of a collective haul over the last few weeks or so as some of these bits have already been featured in some outfit posts, but nevertheless there's some real beauties that I've been haulin'!
Too many pretty pastels...
Pastel blouse BikBok
Skirt BikBok
The top three items are all from BikBok - best shop ever FYI! I discovered this shop when I lived in Finland and it is by far the best Scandinavian shop out there, I absolutely love their stuff and the prices are very reasonable, it's probably most like Forever21. I always thought how strange it was that I would be buying spring clothes from there when it was like -30 degrees outside but hey it gives us something to look forward to even when we are freezing to death! The shirt has to be my favourite purchase ever! The colours are spot on for me, I'm definitely a pastel princess throughout spring/summer. The floaty style of this shirt will be great for dressing over skinnies or over shorts in the summer, I think it might be a bit too short to get away with it as a dress, but either way I really cant wait to start wearing this when the weather warms up. The skirt and the top are just a couple basics that I also picked up, the baby blue pleated skirt is beautiful and I haven't really seen anything like this in the UK. Anyway, BikBok is definitely worth checking out if you've not heard of them before, it's not that clear on the website whether they even ship outside to the UK but it would probably cost a lot anyway. It definitely makes those trips back to Finland worth it!
Raw hem Topshop Leigh Jeans
Cropped Tee Topshop
 Topshop is always my go to place for jeans, either joni or leigh, they are the perfect fit for me and these light coloured wash ones are the ideal colour for spring and for dressing with pastels. I love this cute little cropped tee too, I can imagine this will look great with an added bomber jacket or a denim shirt for a double denim look.
Oh you so fluffy! The much loved lilac matching bag to this has now got a new friend, I found the last one of these in the sale marked down to £15, so naturally it had to be mine. Ask any of my close friends and family, I am a total magpie when it comes to fluffy things!
Primark are on point with their jackets this year and I picked these two up quite recently. I've already styled the bright one in one of my latest OOTDs (here). The pastel checked one is perfection and I am already planning some sickeningly, sweet, pastelly (definitely not a word!) outfits with this one!
 I'm also a magpie when it comes to stripes, it looks vaguely familiar to one I used to dress up in when I was a child but it works for me! I love the pleated hem to this top too which makes it totally different to my 101 other striped tops...
Striped Jumper New Look
Again I featured this in my last nautical outfit post, so you can see how I've styled it there! It's such an effortlessly chic jumper which can be styled in so many more ways.

What do you think of my spring haul? Whats your favourite thing? What have you been buying lately?

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  1. Okay, I am actually now itching to go shopping haha! I love everything you've purchased! How have I not heard of Bikbok before?! That shirt is seriously gorgeous!


  2. What is this BIKBOK you speak of!?!? Seriously, I'm going away to Google right now! Love all the bits you picked up. Can't beat a spot of shopping. I refuse to buy any Spring clothes until this damn snow clears haha! xxx

    Kirsty -

  3. That Bikbok shirt is STUNNING, I need it in my wardrobe. Primark clearly have some great products atm! x

    Amanda / Amanda's Escape

  4. LOVE those jackets they are gorgeous, but that bikbok skirt is to die for, I am obsessed with midis at the moment and may have to check them out now...but it's all beautiful. I want to trade wardrobes with you sharpish xxx

  5. Ah everything is so pretty! The Primark jackets are gorgeous :) and well done getting the last bag!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  6. Loving these gorgeous pieces!!! I definitely need to go on a 'Spring' shopping trip - such pretty colours :-) xxx

  7. haha i never knew it existed either before going to Finland but its literally my favourite store, definitely worth checking out :) xx

  8. Omg i cant believe you dont know it :O Helsinki have a few bikbok stores there, you need to go!!! Oh god i know, must still be pretty cold there too! xxx

  9. I know i absolutely love it :) They really do, love a bit of primark! xx

  10. I know you need to check them out, the stuff is reasonably priced too :) haha you have some gorgeous clothes too!! xxx

  11. I know they were such great prices too :) xx

  12. Yes! Always time for a little spring haul to treat yourself :) xxx


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