Friday, January 30, 2015

Lush Cosmetics haul!

Lush cosmetics is the only place I turn to for goodies for my bath. When Lush were posting Instagram teasers of their valentines range a few weeks ago I was beyond excited! I had a lush gift card for Christmas so I went a bit wild in store but tried to restrain myself from buying too much as it's nice to go in and treat myself to the odd bath bomb or two every now and then! I didn't just buy from their valentines range as bath ballistics are my favourite over bath melts so I picked up a little selection of some gorgeous smelling products...
Meanwhile in the Lush Plymouth store...
The nicest smelling bag in the world.
I picked up 5 gorgeous products, 3 being from their new valentines range...
Unicorn Horn bubble bar £3.25
This is without a doubt my favourite from the Valentines collection, not sure what it's relevance is to the big day itself, but unicorns seem to be the thing at the moment and this bubble bar looks amazing!! I can imagine it will make a beautiful multi coloured bath and it also smells of lavender which is the perfect smell to bathe in to relax and to help you sleep!
Heart Throb bubble bar £3.65 This cute little one looks like a little macaroon, but a heart shaped one with a glitter filling! This will make for a perfect red,valentines bath.
Love Locket bath bomb £6.95 I nearly had a heart attack at the price of this one... Almost £7 for one bath bomb!! However, there is a hidden shaped heart within it so I think I could get a few uses out of this bath bomb. It was definitely something I couldn't leave lush without.
Sex Bomb bath bomb £3.35  The next two bath bombs aren't part of the valentines range but they definitely could make the cut! This bath ballistic contains lots of different sensual oils which are great for de-stressing and relaxing, something I really am in need of right now!
Think Pink bath bomb £2.65  I just loved the look of this one, the mini flowers really remind me of spring, in the hope that the cold weather will fade soon! It also contains rice paper confetti of hearts which will make for the prettiest smelling bath, pretty much like all of their bath bombs!

I have a lot of bathing to do now I think!! I am in love with their whole valentines range and there are a still a few other bits that I want to pick up like the Kiss lip scrub , I absolutely adore their lip scrubs anyway but this one even contains real hundreds and thousands,amazing huh?!

I hope you all have a fab weekend! What do you think of the Lush Valentines collection? What have you been buying from there recently? What are your favourite Lush products?
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  1. I picked up those 3 from the range as well! I'm so excited to try the love locket bath bomb. I did wince at the price tag, but it'll be a nice indulgent treat! xx

    Hannah x | hannatalks

  2. They all look really nice, wiuld have a hard job choosing!

  3. Damn, I shouldn't have read this post as I'm now uber jealous! You picked up some gorgeous bits. I love LUSH and their seasonal ranges are always so spot on. I just wish we had a bath here; however it really doesn't seem to be the Finnish thing. Enjoy all of your lovely baths xxx

    Kirsty -

  4. Such lovely products! This has reminded me that I need to stock up on some Lush goodies. I've seen the unicorn horn all over Instagram :) and eek, nearing £7 for one bath bomb is a little crazy, but like you say, you can get a few uses out of it! :D


  5. I really want to pick up the unicorn horn!

    Emily x // EmGrace

  6. I can't wait to get my hands on some of the valentines range, It all looks so good! x

  7. Heart throb looks so pretty I am even tempted to just get it for my shower! I might have to do an online order as I can't get to brighton until the 18th :( wah xxx

  8. The love locket is so cute, as if it's twice the price of the others though! I don't have a bath so I never get to try Lush stuff!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  9. I know it makes a bath time seem so expensive!Aww thats a shame, i was like that for 3 years at uni! xx

  10. Ahh i absolutely love them all, deffo need to go back for more :) I agree, think it is definitely justifiable haha xx

  11. I know already excited for the easter range haha! Ahh i know i wonder what the reason actually is for that, none of the hotels do either! I did miss a good bath when i was at uni haha thanks lovely :) xxx

  12. Its definitely my favourite and smells soo good :) xx

  13. Ahh i know i need to go back to get more! xx

  14. I know so many people have it haha definitely my favourite and it smells so good :) Oh god i know still cant believe the prices they charge for some things, deffo worth it though ahah xxx

  15. You definitely should, or for a fancy hand spa haha! Aww thats a shame, would be worth the wait though :) xx

  16. Hi! The link you sent to me via twitter brought me here! I have seen a lot of bloggers and youtubers share their Lush haul recently and it has definitely made me want to go check it out. I tried the locket one last year and absolutely loved it! I am so tempted to by the unicorn one because it is so cute :) You have a lovely blog here! I am excited to read more of your other posts!


  17. This is such a lovely post! I have just found your blog- and your pictures are sooo lovely!

    I posted a blogpost on my lush haul, if you would like to check it out I would love that!


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