Thursday, December 4, 2014

The stocking fillers | for him under £10

Hotel Chocolat Dinky Christmas Stocking, Wish String Bracelet, The original miracle melting snowman, Christmas snowman beanie, Christmas socks, Soap and Glory gift set, Charbonnel et Walker Chocolate Mini Cracker, Cadbury roses puzzle, Zombie shower gel, Man flu kit , Scratch Map, Tweet Mug

I thought it was about time I started doing some Christmas gift guides! I always think that girls are the easiest to buy for what with all the gorgeous health and beauty products on the market, but I'm sure many can vouch for me when I say that men are definitely not the same story! James is fairly easy to buy for but my dad is a different story so he usually ends up getting the standard wine, chocolate and socks each year! I'm starting off with a stocking fillers gift guide and these are all under £10 so they really are affordable for everyone. I won't talk you through all the products as there is a lot! There really is something for every man in your life up there which covers food, grooming products and something a little bit more quirky and fun!

Stocking fillers are such nice little extras for people and they don't have to cost a fortune! I thought I would also compile a list of my top 20 ideas for stocking fillers for men. I'm sure there's something on the list that might help with your Christmas shopping..
1. Gift cards
2. Sweets/chocolate
3. DVDs
4. Wallet
5. Grooming products
6. Socks
7. Underwear
8. Cinema tickets
9. Book
10. Mug
11. Belt
12. Aftershave samples/minis
13. Mini drinks
14. Handwritten book of ideas for date nights 
15. Phone case
16. Photo album filled with photos
17. Portable Iphone battery charger
18. Lottery ticket
19. Hand warmers
20. Car air freshner

What do you think of my ideas? Do you find it hard buying for men? Did you find this helpful?
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  1. Great ideas! I've been struggling to think of things for my dad & boyfriend this year, plus they both have their birthday's around Christmas so extra present thinking! Think I'm finally sorted though :)


  2. These are really great ideas, looking for a few more presents for my boyfriend so this was helpful! xo

  3. Hate buying fir men! Man flu mug looks funx seriously some good ideas there x

  4. I love the twitter mug! I could imagine someone who knows me well getting me that for Christmas! x

  5. That melting snowman is so cool! We have that Twitter mug at work, I love it haha!

    India / Too Faced Giveaway

  6. That man flu kit is too funny, defo needed for my boy. xx


  7. I literally hate buying for men so much and only recently saw that s&g did mens sets, have I been hiding in the dark?! Either way I wanna nab that and the man flu kit! xxx

  8. These are so fab, men are so difficult to buy for so this has really given me some ideas!! :-) ) xxx

  9. My Dad is always tricky to buy for and never gives any ideas! So this is so useful. I really like all your ideas! They're different for what I usually get and that's great! x x

  10. Glad you found them helpful :) xxx

  11. Thanks! Glad you found it helpful :) xxx

  12. I know its the worst! Thanks :) xx

  13. I know its amazing i need it too haha xxx

  14. I know i love it! Aww do you i need it haha xxx

  15. I know worst thing ever! Don't worry i didnt either, i love soap and glory anyway so sure the mens sets are similar! xxx

  16. Thanks hun! Glad they helped :) xxx

  17. I know they are hopeless haha! Really glad you found it helpful :D xxx


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