Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Soap & Glory The Next Big Thing - now only £30!

Soap & Glory is without a doubt one of my favourite beauty ranges, we all know that every year boots have the best half price sales on all their gift sets from Boxing day onwards. But it's a well known fact that the biggest Soap & Glory set always drops down to half price a couple of days before Christmas. I didn't receive one for Christmas but got plenty of other beauty goodies so I wasn't that fussed. When I went into boots on Saturday I had no idea there would be any of The Next Big Thing set left as they usually sell out immediately. I was SO happy to get my hands on this amazing set, it's RRP is £60 which is still great value for money but seriously £30 is like giving the thing away when the individual sizes cost around £10 each, the set is worth over £75 so you're really grabbing yourself  a bargain with this one. 
The packaging is amazing of the box itself, you really don't expect any less from Soap & Glory! The box is designed by Hattie Stewart and it has a lovely leather handle to carry it with and I will definitely be using it as a storage box afterwards!
I love the little pink draw string cloth bag all the products come inside, another handy little bag to store more beauty products in...
The best is yet to come..
 The amazing set contains a whopping ten full size products including:
Hand dream super cream 100ml £7
The righteous butter body butter 300ml £10
Thick & fast super volume mascara 10ml £10
I've linked all the above items from the box and out of curiosity I added up all of the products which comes to a staggering £75.50 making this discounted box more than worth the money, it's almost too good to be true, its like there's 'no such thing as a free lunch', but on this occasion there really is an exception to the rule!
As I said before I absolutely adore Soap & Glory but there are a fair few products in the box that I've not tried before so I'm super excited to test them out, I'm sure you'll be seeing some of these pop up in favourite posts over the next few months. I would already recommend the righteous butter to anyone because it smells sooo good, its super nourishing too and stays put on your skin all day. The breakfast scrub is also amazing, I've not tried the sugar crush scrub out so I will definitely have to compare these two at some point. The 500ml size bottles last forever so it's safe to say this little lot will last me until when next years box comes out eek!
 This set is unfortunately sold out online but if you didn't find one under you tree at Christmas head to your local Boots now as my store in Plymouth had loads left but they are sure to sell out fast at the ridiculous price of £30! You would be mad not to miss out of this little stash if you are a soap & Glory fan too!

Did you get this set for Christmas or pick it up for yourself? Would you like this set? Do you like Soap & Glory products as much as me? Whats your favourite Soap & Glory product?
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  1. I saw this in Boots and was really contemplating whether to buy it and didn't but now I wish I had! The amount of products you get is amazing for the price!

    Fashion Ganache.

  2. The Charm Offensive lip lacquer is seriously amazing, as is the mascara! I can't wait to test out the other products :)

  3. Very good value! The breakfast scrub is lierally delicious! Enjoy it all x

  4. Looks like an amazing set!


  5. This is such good value! I'm so lazy with body stuff that lotions and scrubs etc would be wasted on me, but I obviously still feel like I should get it haha! Must avoid Boots for a while.

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  6. I know i kina definitely didnt need it but felt it was far too good to miss! xxx

  7. Eek can't wait to try those two out then I've never used their makeup before :) xx

  8. I know amazing value! Same the smell is gorgeous :) xx

  9. It really is such a fab set for the price :) xx

  10. I know soo cheap! I feel like this too, i kinda definitely didnt need yet more bath stuff but i also needed it at the same time haha! I know half price sales are dangerous in there! xxx

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