Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Christmas Homeware Haul!

It's officially one month until Christmas eek! I am so excited now that it's almost acceptable listen to endless Christmas songs, decorate the tree and start wrapping presents! In preparation I have been buying some pretty Christmas homeware bits from various places and I really wanted to share with you all what I got! There are some really nice bits in the shops this year, my favourite shop for Christmas stuff has to be John Lewis, I don't think their prices are too unreasonable either.
Candle holder - John Lewis
John Lewis had three like this, you could either get one with a tree, heart or star attached to the holder. I loved the tree one but thought this would be suitable all year round. I'm not one for scented candles and much prefer tea lights so this jar will be perfect for my room!
Wooden decorations - John Lewis £2.50 each
I absolutely love the white colour wash of these decorations, they are really shabby chic and I just love the simplicity of them! I probably won't be hanging these on my tree but on my noticeboard or something like that!
Mug - Steamer Trading Cook Shop £4.99
I probably own a cupboard full of mugs already but I don't think I even own a Christmas one! The cookware shop was new in Southampton so I thought it was necessary to make a purchase, I can't wait to start using this one for Christmas!
Duvet - Primark £12
Primark do the best duvets for Christmas and at only £12 each its not going to break the bank! I picked this one as it's definitely acceptable to use for all of the wintry period. It also matches my blanket in the background (also primark)!
Pot - Ikea
So, pretty much all bloggers own or have seen the infamous Ikea pots that people use for makeup brushes and other various things. I have the white and pink ones but thought that I just needed a red one for the festive period!
Napkins - Ikea
A fairly boring buy but I love buying pretty napkins for Christmas, I always love setting the table nicely on Christmas day!
Tea Towel - Primark
The most adorable tea towel I have ever seen! I have developed quite an obsession with pugs this year, I can't have my own so this is the next best thing hey?!
Decorative star lights* - LED Hut
Last but not least are these adorable star battery operated lights. I seem to buy more and more each year as they just look so pretty. The battery operated ones for me are the best as it means that they can be transported around the house and used anywhere. This string of lights is 1.9m so they stretch pretty far, they are also on a wired string so they could be wrapped around a jar, vase or anything for that matter. They look perfect as a backdrop for blog photos too!

So that's my first Christmas homeware haul! If you can't get enough of Christmas like me then I have a few other Christmas related blog posts that you might like to read including; Christmas Wrapping DIY, decorations from The Christmas Boutique and of course my pick of my favourite Christmas Jumpers!

What do you think of my Christmas homeware haul? Whats your favourite item? When will you put your decorations up?

*Products marked with an asterix (*) have been sent to me for review. However, all opinions in this post are 100% my own
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  1. I absolutely love this Xmas haul! Everything is so cute. I'm a sucker for the nordic red, whites & browns for Xmas time, they are jut so chic. I know someone who would LOVE that tea towel so a purchase might be in order!
    Rebecca xxx

  2. Eeeeep super festive! I love everything you picked up and agree that Primark's duvet sets are amazing for the price! LOVE your blanket :)



  3. I love this post! Everything you got's amazing, I especially love the look of the mug.
    I'm definitely getting myself a red pot to festive up my brushes. I didn't even know they did them in red. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This is the perfect X-mas mug! <3 <3 <3 Awesome stuff :))

    Kisses, Kali
    | Kali's inspiration board |

  5. Love the little wooden decorations! x


  6. I love everything you've picked up here! So festive. I love the lights and the tea towel is adorable.
    Sammy xx

  7. I was torn between that bedding and the red/blue one. I wish i'd picking that set up now, as it looks so cute! xx


  8. Love that bedding!


  9. I love all of this!

  10. I love the mug, the tea towel and the bed set, I am pretty much mesmerised and persuaded to go shopping NOW amazing picks girl xxx

  11. The tea towel is adorable but you can't beat a good Christmas mug to get festive :)


  12. How exciting that Christmas is almost here!

    I love the Ikea pot and the Primark bedding and Tea Towel, SO CUTE!

    Amanda / Amanda's Escape

  13. Aww thanks hehe i agree! Me too i just love them! You definitely should think it was only £1.50! xxx

  14. I know they are such nice quality and warm too! Glad you like it all :) xxx

  15. Thanks Jemma :) I know me neither they have a few different colours now! xxx

  16. Glad you like it all :) I know so obsessed with pugs haha xxx

  17. Me too!! I literally took ages deciding haah! I might pop back and get the other, they are soo cosy too! xxx

  18. Aww glad you like it all :) Yes get yourself down to Primark they have the nicest Christmas bits! xxx

  19. Aww i know so obsessed with pugs! Definitely cant so excited :) xxx

  20. Eeek i know im sooo excited now :) xxx

  21. I have the grey bedding on right now and It's so cozy and warm, Primark definitely do the best home wear :)
    xxx Claire

  22. Such cute things - I can't wait to go and get some Christmas things with my boyfriend tomorrow! :D <3 Gisforgingers xx

  23. Love that Primark bedding, I'm off to buy it!


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