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Makeup Revolution Blushing Hearts Review

As promised in my Make up Revolution hamper prize post I am bringing you a full review of these rather gorgeous Blushing hearts! Makeup revolution sell six different kinds of blushing hearts which I'm adamant on owning all of them! After only being introduced to this brand a few weeks ago it has certainly transformed my life, I cant seem to find any fault with the price, packaging or quality, there really is no catch with their products!
As I've mentioned before in the previous post the packaging just does it for me! Its so beautiful and eye catching and even the heart shape for the blushers is just genius and the compact size is perfect for storage.
Triple Baked Highlighter - £4.99
I have only been wearing a highlighter since last year and have been wearing the sleek face contour kit one ever since. I was excited to try this and the highlighter is a bit pinker but not as sheer and white as the one I wear now, you can tell more on the swatched image below what it looks like. I usually apply my highlighter with my fingers as it's much easier to target specified areas than with a brush. I find that its quite difficult to get much pay off with this highlighter with my fingers though, I think this will probably get easier once the product has been used more. However, I do really like the tone of this highlighter as I find some of them are far too shimmery, so in that respect I really do like it. How do you all apply powdered highlighter? I would love to know some tips!
Triple Baked Bronzer - £4.99
I am a prolific bronzer user and will use anything that might help me achieved that sun kissed look. I love the colour of this bronzer as it sort of already has an inbuilt highlighter as the colour is very shimmery once applied. For me its the perfect colour for bronzer as it's not to dark and I prefer to build the colour up gradually. I usually pop this over the top of some blusher on my cheekbones, jawline, sides of my nose and around my hairline with a contouring brush.
Triple Baked Blusher - £4.99
I have never been much of a wearer of blusher as I always have ridiculously red cheeks anyway! Blushers which are just one block colour really scare me too as I always find myself putting on way too much than I need. This triple baked blusher has converted me! The 3 colours blended together don't make the colour as scary or pink. The initial swatch of colour does give a lot of pay off but I am wary of this and usually blow off the excess powder on the brush. I use some of this lightly with a brush on the top part of cheek bones as it really helps to contour my face, I then follow this up with some bronzer on top which helps the blusher to blend in even more.
Swatches on my arms never end well,. So swatching out onto a pice of paper really does show you how the colour exactly comes out and before its blended into my skin. As you can see none of the colours are too bold or bright, for me it really is love at first swatch.
For only £4.99 each the quality and look of the product is fab. The colours are so wearable and they last on my skin all day. My favourites are definitely the triple baked bronzer and blusher as they work so well together. 
If you're looking for new contouring products in your life, these might be what you're looking for! I have not used my sleek contour kit since as I much prefer the blended colours than just one block of bronzer or blusher. As I mentioned at the start Makeup Revolution sell a further three blushing hearts which look just an amazing as these, they are definitely going to be on my Christmas list this year!

What do you think of Makeup revolution? Have you tried these before? What do you think of the blushing hearts?
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  1. Love the baked blush trio such a good colour not to pink not to gold. They can't go wrong makeup revolution!

  2. Wow, I love everything here. The baked blush sounds beautiful. The packaging actually reminds me of Too Faced!

  3. I've been really torn between ordering these or not as it's so hard trying to go just off online pics but after this I think i'm sold on the Highlighter and Bronzer for sure!

    Great post
    Maisie xx

  4. Those products look excellent and wirth a try x

  5. These look so beautiful! I would love to contour with one of them :)) Great review!

    Kisses, Kali
    | Kali's inspiration board |

  6. These are so pretty! I like the look of Triple Baked Blusher. I'm loving Makeup Revolution at the moment. :) x

    Speaking Beauty UK | Nars, Urban Decay, YSL GIVEAWAY

  7. I need ALL of these! They look so gorgeous! I definitely need to get into using bronzer more! :)

  8. I need to get these after seeing this post. I really like Makeup Revolution, I have a good few of their products. They are so affordable.

    Love Jodie

    My fall glam look

  9. These are absolutely gorgeous! They look so high end for an affordable make up line. I need them! Xxx
    Alice Adores Apparel

  10. These are just so stunning I think they look WAY more expensive than they are, and still haven't managed to pick them up. I have bookmarked this so I can go for a shopping spree online after my bday and get these xxx

  11. I know its so pretty, perfect happy medium :) I know there really is no catch with them! xxx

  12. This is exactly what i thought, its sooo pretty! xxx

  13. I know its so hard to go from pictures online! I'm glad this has helped you decide though, you will love them :) xxx

  14. They definitely are such fab products :) xxx

  15. They are amazing products, so nice to contour with! Thanks :) xxx

  16. They really are! Me too their products are such good quality and amazing prices!! xxx

  17. I know they are soo stunning :) I adore bronzer, definitely more of an essential in the summer though :) xxx

  18. Me too their quality is amazing and the prices are soo good! :) xxx

  19. They really do look like something from the Too Faces range, such a great brand :) xxx

  20. I know they really do! Makeup rev is my new favourite! Yes yes definitely your birthday is soo close now eek :D xxx

  21. Wow this are GORGEOUS! Do you know if they can be bought online as I don't live in the UK?

    They are seriously the cutest and prettiest things I've ever seen - I need them in my life! Really enjoyed your review was so helpful! xx


  22. These look so cute!

  23. I know :) I have just checked and Makeup revolution on their direct website do ship to other countries yey :) So glads you liked the review! xxx


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