Thursday, September 18, 2014

LFW day 3!

Gilet - River Island
Hat - Primark
Bag - Ted Baker
LFW day 3 was another amazing and jam packed day! Having to travel down for the weekend meant that I could only carry so much. I repeated wearing the staples that were the shirt and brogues as they are just really great all rounders to put with any outfit. I spotted this beautiful furry gilet amongst the racks of sale clothes in River Island in the summer, it was the only one there and it was just one of those moments that you know it's meant to be! Its such a fun and glam addition to this outfit and really injects some fun into the dull colours. I am loving these Mango jeans too from House of Fraser, the slim leg fit and ashen grey colour is the perfect colour for autumn in my eyes. House of Fraser have a really great selection of other skinny jeans for Autumn at the moment which are definitely worth checking out! I had so much fun planning my outfits for Fashion week, from what I saw it really is those that wear the most simplistic and clean cut outfits that look the best and are the most popular for street style snaps!
In the morning I had some outfit pictures in South Kensington as well as making the mandatory visit to Harrods! I then headed down to the ME hotel in the Strand for the Ada Zanditon show. As I was queuing to go in I spotted Arabella Golby and Becca Rose in front of me!! They were so lovely and they kept me company whilst we waited to go in. The hotel was stunning and the seating arrangement for the catwalk show was quite unusual, as you'll see it was like an evening dinner seating plan, the atmosphere with the fairy lights and the flower arrangements was gorgeous!
 Provided with our pick of detox juice before the show started!
 Some random guys loving the pink goody bags naturally!
The evening wear was just stunning, the floating net skirts from the bodice are so delicate and a sure sign of what is to follow next summer. I loved The different textures and almost 3D shapes to some of the bodices, the skirt above is definitely a favourite look of mine.
Ada Zanditon came out at the end of the show with one of the models. I was almost shocked at how short the show actually was as I wished I had had a chance to get some more pictures and videos. Nevertheless I really enjoyed myself!

My second experience at LFW did not dissapoint, it definitely topped the one in February for me. I still wish that I could have attended more of the shows but there's only so much you can fit into one day huh?! Be sure to check out LFW day 2 if you haven't already! I say roll on February where I'm going to plan shows and outfits weeks in advance this time! 

What do you think about my outfit for day 3? What do you think of the Ada Zanditon outfits?

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this outfit! You look bloody gorgeous. It looks like you had so much fun at LFW. A teeny bit jealous! Ha xxx

    Kirsty - Effortlessly Excessive.

    1. Thank you Kirsty :) Ahh it was such an amazing experience! xxx

  2. Love the outfit especially the fluffy!

  3. This outfit is gorgeous, I wish I was brave enough to wear the fluffy gilet! I adore the hat and brogues. The show looks amazing and I love the sound of the floaty net skirts!x

    1. Aww thanks hun! You would look fab wearing it too, anything goes in London tho haha! xxx

  4. Oh Nicole you look amazing! I am loving your fashion week posts although you are making me SO jealous :'( it looks like such an incredible experience!! xx

    Jessie || allthingsbeautiful-x

    1. Thank you so much lovely! Aww I'm sorry hehe you will have to go in February :) xxx

  5. Number one your nails look amazing and that detox juice is making me envious, but more importantly you look frickin hot. I love that gilet on you it looks incredible, don't think I could pull off the colour and you do perfectly xxx

    Blonde of carbs

    1. You missy are too kind as always!! You would look so fab in this gilet, you look lush in everything :) xxx


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