Sunday, September 21, 2014

Autumn clothing haul!

I cannot remember the last time I did a haul post..Being a student and then being unemployed doesn't provide the best opportunity to go on a mad shopping spree! If you read my post a couple of weeks ago you will know that I got my first grown up girl job and so this is the product of my first pay day!! It was better reason than any to properly treat myself... Cue lots of gorgeous autumn clothing staple pieces!
Skirt - Primark £8
Scarf - Primark £7
As a lot of my readers know I love nothing more than a Primark bargain, and a lot of these items are from their new autumn range. I am SO happy that I found this black fluffy skirt, I love all of the fluffy co-ords on Missguided but this skirt is a massive fraction of the price, they also have a lurid green one for sale if you dare...Their scarfs are on form this year too, there are so many tartan ones in different colours and this one is so big that it could easily act as a blanket cape too!
 Dress - Primark £15
I've loved buying work wear recently, probably to do with the fact that I have a job now.. I adore the peter pan collar and this style which looks like a top and skirt. I would quite happily wear this out on the weekend too with some bright accessories.
 Shirt - Primark £10
Hat - Primark £7
Again, I bought this shirt with work in mind, you've gotta love polka dots! This hat has already featured in both of my LFW posts and it's a firm autumn/winter staple for me. It provides the perfect solution to my bad hair days,I get far too many!
Jumper - H&M £14.99
I rarely buy from H&M but their new stock is effortless for autumn, I just love the ashen grey colours. The skirt is perfect for work but I will be wearing this casually regardless as I love the grid/dog tooth print for autumn! Super excited for the appearance of chunky knits too, I can't wait to layer this over some shirts and ripped jeans!
T-shirt - River Island £26
Vest top - River Island £10
I have needed a grey top for ages, I have so many clothes but literally lack the basics. This t-shirt is literally amazing and was an impulse buy! I think the iconic eyes and lips are SO cute and as it's oversized I cant wait to layer it with skinny jeans and long cardigans/duster coats! The colour is right up my street too.
Heart decoration - Primark £2
This picture just signifies christmas to me for some reason, ONLY 3 MONTHS TO GO by the way.. Christmas excites me far too much, anyone else? Anyway, the blanket cape has already made an appearance at LFW and I am willing for the weather to start behaving and become cold so I can wear it again! The brogues were another great staple buy, although my feet don't seem to agree, ouch! Last but not least I had to include this cute heart decoration from Primark, although it looks christmassey I'm going to use it now as its so gorgeous! If you haven't been in there yet their home range for Christmas is looking amazing, I cant wait to pick up a few more bits!
I Hope you've enjoyed haulin' with me! Fear not, I have a feeling there will be many more of these in the coming months! I hope you're all having a fab weekend whatever you're up too! 

What do you think of my haul? Do you like reading hauls? Which items are your favourite? Link me up to your recent hauls, I would love to have a snoop!

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  1. Wow! You found some absolute bargains in Primark!! I'm loving H&M for AW clothes this year, and River Island of course! You picked up some gorgeous items, can't wait to see your outfit posts featuring them :D xx

  2. Oh wow!! You got so much good stuff here! I absolutely love the Primark dress - it is my kind of dress! (Did they have lots of them in stock?) Also - the Red Herring brogues are adorable!! Great finds :)

  3. I love that skirt from H&M! May have to snap that up for work x

  4. What a lovely autumn selection!

  5. Great haul, Love the heart decoration! Need to get myself to primark asap x

  6. Love the H&M skirt x :)

    Caitriona Tighe

  7. So many lovely things! I love your H&M purchases.

    sammy xx

  8. I know! Primark have some amazing things in atm! Eek yes i have so many outfits lined up now :) xxx

  9. I adore the skirt and jumper from H&M, they are gorgeous finds. I also love the blanket cape from ASOS and the hat from primark. All great A/W picks, so much wardrobe envy right now!

    Amanda / Amanda's Escape

  10. Can I just weep right now!!! You picked some awesome pieces, I loved that hat on you and have been desperate for one ever since and love a tshirt that takes casual to pretty! Hope you had a nice weekend and some time to relax xxx

  11. I love Autumn fashion, you got some great bits. Primark & H&M are the best! xx

  12. Thanks Karen :) Me too, so wouldn't tell its a primark dress :D xxx

  13. Thanks Amanda :) yes the blanket cape is my favourite, got a good deal with an asos discount too! xxx

  14. aww lovely you always have the nicest clothes hehe! You need to get one it was only £7, they have some amazing hats this year! I did thanks lovely hope you did too! Back to the work grind today ;( xxx

  15. Me too i love all the snuggly jumpers and big coats :) xxx

  16. Lovely Autumnal pieces, the skirt is super pretty!

    Lucy Jane // A little
    bit of everything

  17. so many lovely buys! All so inexpensive too! x

  18. Seeing this hual makes me excited for Autumn fashion ! Love that primark hat, I keep seeing it on blogs and really want to buy one myself xx

  19. That peter pan collared dress from Primark is so cute I love it!


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