Saturday, June 28, 2014

Summer bucket list

Over the last few weeks i have seen a few bloggers post about their own summer bucket lists and which i have really enjoyed to read. Every summer i say that its going to be the best one yet and before I've even remembered half of the stuff i wanted to do its fast approaching Christmas! Its been a challenging year for me and now that university is over and i'm on the lookout for a job i want to really enjoy the time i do have and to live for the moment, and when i do get a job i want to make the most out of every weekend instead of just lazing about,it is really easy to get into a rut at the weekends when you're working. Without further ado I've complied a list of 20 things that i want to achieve this summer and i am really determined to make them all happen this year,enjoy!
1. Land myself a dream job - so this is definitely top on my list to achieve this summer, until then i fully plan to get lots of blogging done!

2. Say YES more - sometimes when i get asked to do things i just say no because im tired,nervous about doing something new or just plain tired, i plan to say yes more as i generally end up having the best time and experience new things when i do. Zoella did an amazing video called 'just say yes' which you can watch here.

3. Rediscover Plymouth and surrounding areas

4. Have a proper outdoor picnic in a park

5. Worry less and live for the moment - this is something i always strive to do, but life really is too short to worry about pointless things that we cant change, but we can change our future and live for the now!

6. Catch up with old school friends

7. Go strawberry picking 

8. Eat out in different places and try new cuisines/foods

9. Buy a new car for lots of summer road trips - since I've been home from uni I've been searching for a new car so it wont be long until i can drive wherever the day takes me!

10. Be more spontaneous - i definitely plan too much which is in no ways a bad thing, but it would be great to get up one day and just say lets go to so and so today, spontaneity is apparently the key to happiness!

11. Movie and sleepover night 

12. Go camping or camp in my garden - can you believe i'm 21 and have never been camping, admittedly it isnt quite my style but i need to say i've done it at least once!

13. Roast marshmallows

14. Go to a festival - still something i have never done but always wanted to do, even if its a day festival i would love to go!

15. Host a come dine with me night - i've spent pretty much the last 3 years at univeristy watching this and dinner date so i think its about time i gave it a go myself and its a bit of fun!

16. Plan something different for every weekend,however small - James and i are back to being in a long distance relationship for the time being, the only good thing about it is that it makes the time together more special and it makes us want to try and do different things each weekend.

17. Go surfing again

18. Make a homemade afternoon tea

19. Do some more DIY clothes 

20. Attend a quiz night

So, that's my summer bucket list! Whatever you do this summer as long as you're happy and healthy in my eyes that is all that matters! I have a real mix of things that i want to achieve this summer but i really hope and plan to do them all! I hope you enjoyed reading them, i would love to know all of yours too! Just a reminder i'm still on holiday so all tweets/emails and comments will be replied to once i'm home :)

What do you think of my bucket list? Have you made a bucket list? Are any of these on yours? Whats the top thing you want to achieve this summer? Do link me up if youve done a similar one, i love reading them!

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

River Island zebra print sandals

ITS LOVE! I've undeniably fallen in love with these zebra print sandals and they are not leaving my feet,ever! You may have remembered me featuring them in an ASOS wishlist a couple of weeks ago whilst they were offering a 25% student discount. Needless to say i made the most of it and whipped these babies up for £33,making a saving of £12! Its a good job i did as they are currently out of stock on ASOS and i cant find them on the River Island site anymore which is no surprise as they are gorgeous! Hopefully the do come back into stock though as ASOS are always offering discounts so i would never consider paying full price for anything on there anymore. 

The sandals themselves are just jaw droppingly amazing,look at them! I love the clashing animal monochrome patterns and the straps make them so easy to walk in meaning theres no sliding about. They are also my first pair of sandals this summer which have also not rubbed me ,hallelujah! They really are the most perfect summer sandals i could ever wish for and more!

Just a reminder that i am currently on holiday so all comments/tweets/emails will be replied to once i am home :)

What do you think of these sandals? Would you wear these? Have you bought anything recently from ASOS?

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

In The Style Lauren Pope high summer collection launch

A couple of weeks ago the most exciting invite landed in my inbox to attend Lauren Popes high summer collection launch with In The Style. I am a huge TOWIE and a Lauren Pope fan (her style is incredible!). I also loved her previous collection with In The Style so i was super excited to see what her high summer collection had to offer. So without even thinking I instantly accepted!
I met up with Megan, Natasha and Jess before hand who I had not previously met before but already read and loved their blogs and I am SO glad I did as they were the nicest! The event was held at the luxurious Sanctum hotel in Soho,London and once we got past the papparazzi we headed up to the roof terrace. We were greeted by a red carpet and individual photos against Laurens background and we quickly realised the amazing tropical theme of the event which was so fitting with the collection and the gorgeous weather! Exotic bar Essex held the mobile vendor of beautiful coconut drinks which as you can see looked absolutely amazing and which I think was probably the most instagrammed picture from the event haha! They also had so many exotic fruits, all which I had never seen before (obviously not cultured enough!) and which you could take a platter away for yourself to try.
The lovely Jess, Natasha and Megancake-pop
 Natasha and i on our third cake pop!!
We then headed inside where we got to meet so many other bloggers, it really was such a great turn out of bloggers in support of Lauren's new collection. The inside was equally as tropically themed with many different cake pops (far too tempting), more exotic fruits and later on some gorgeous mini finger foods were brought out. Mini foods are always so much more appealing to me and they ooze cuteness!
Soon after arriving we got to meet the star of the show, Lauren Pope herself! I definitely fangirled, she is SO gorgeous and slim and looked absolutely stunning in one of her own pieces from the collection. Lauren loved talking with the bloggers and I even got to find out that she is originally from Torquay which I was so shocked by as I could have put money on her being a born and bred Essex girl, its nice to know she still remembers her Devonshire roots! She was also on the arm of Lydia, another fellow TOWIE star due to come back this season,I was in my element! She was also wearing the most gorgeous baby blue tailored suit from the collection which she looked fab in!
I was so excited to then see the preview of her collection on a catwalk modelled by some gorgeous bloggers that I already read frequently! I had already seen a few sneak peeks of the collection on In The Style and they had been amazing. I didn't manage to get any brilliant pictures from the catwalk shoot unfortunately but I hope you appreciate the atmosphere of them anyway and how gorgeous the pieces are. The collection oozes summer and I am loving the whole pastel theme of it too which has been so popular this season. As Lauren said in her video chat with the Daily mail, which you can watch here, she said that she really couldn't pick one of her favourite pieces as because she designed it all she loves it all too! I am in the same stance as Lauren as I really did love every piece but if I had to pick it would be the tailored suits, both the trousers and shorts version. I really did love the suit Lydia wore as she looked so good in it. I definitely have a list as long as my arm of what I want to buy.
I then got a chance to head over to the rail and look for myself at the collection and the pastel colours really offset the theme of the rail, it all looks SO gorgeous together, I need it all!! Again I really have to go with the gorgeous baby pink and peach tailored suits,it goes without saying they will look amazing with a tan in the summer!
Lauren Pope even got a picture with herself and all the other lovely fashion bloggers together which was so nice of her! You can even see me on the one on her instagram, typical that I had to shut my eyes though haha!
 Out on the red carpet Lauren had lots of press all wanting to get in on the piece of the action, Lauren is such a natural and so easy to talk to, it still feels like a dream getting to chat to the TOWIE star!
I left my house at 6:30am with lovely voluminous hair and by the time I got to Exeter it was flat, typical haha. Anyway I wore an ffomo co-ord, Topshop sandals and ice watch sunglasses!
With the gorgeous Megan,Jess and Natasha! Photo credit to Natasha. I really hope to see these lovely girls again I couldn't have asked to meet any nicer bloggers to attend with! I was wearing a ffomo floral co-ord which I absolutely loved!
Those 4 hours at the event really did whizz by, it was time to say a bye to Lauren and the amazing bloggers i met on the day who I hope to stay in touch, however far apart we all live! We each got given a very generous and amazing goody bag filled with some well known brands to go away with including,Protein World,Sparkling jewellery,an OOTD slogan tee from her previous collection which is the most appropriate item for all us fashion bloggers! Skin care from sasSKincare,Ardel eyelashes and Ashley Cahill sunscreen which could not have come at a better time for my holiday tomorrow!

Lastly, I would also like to say a massive thank you to Krystal PR for inviting me i had the best time there and the event was SO well organised and so well thought out so well done! Oh and it goes without saying that I absolutely adore the entire new collection, its a big thumbs up from me Lauren Pope and In The Style, you'll be seeing lots of purchases going out to me soon!

Don't forget you can also follow them on Twitter: @inthestyleUK

I'm jetting off to Rome tomorrow to board a 2 week Eastern Mediterranean cruise which i am mega excited about! I have a couple of scheduled posts written up but i will resume to full blogging when i get back and i have lots of exciting posts lined up for you! Any comments/tweets/emails will all be replied to when i'm back home, i hope you all have a lovely 2 weeks,ciao!

What an amazing collection and launch! What do you think of the new collection? Have you bought anything from there yet?

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

OOTD | Monochrome boroque flock print dress

Dress* - Red Label
Heels - Primark
Clutch - New Look

I hope you're all having a lovely week, i'm just finishing packing up for my holiday and i'm off to my first press event in London tomorrow for the launch of Lauren Popes high summer collection with In The Style, so i am incredibly excited! Look out for my post on the event this weekend!

This beautiful monochrome boroque flock print dress from Red Label is so dreamy and it has become my ultimate favourite evening dress and has already been packed for my cruise this weekend! I personally love bodycons as i love the fit of them and it really accentuates my figure,i understand that bodycons aren't everyone's cup of tea though. The print is beautiful combined with the monochromatic colours which will always be my favourite colour combo. The heels are a match made in heaven with the dress and i picked these up from primark last year for about £12 and they are still going strong now, it really can be a hit and miss with primark shoes but i have been so impressed with these. There are so many of these barely there sandals this season, i am particularly loving River Islands range! To break up the black and white i added some holographic vibes into the mix with this clutch, i went through a holographic stage last year but i'm still very much in love with the bag and it looks great against the dress.

What do you think of this dress? Have you shopped with Red Label before? Do you like holographic items?

*Products marked with an asterix (*) have been sent to me for review. However, all opinions in this post are 100% my own
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