Thursday, February 27, 2014

OOTD | Polka dots

Jeans - H&M
Shoes - Primark
Necklace - HSamuel

I plucked my white skinny jeans out of the wardrobe yesterday for the first time this year and for me it feels like it has now been declared spring! The sun has been shining, but don't be fooled its still freezing out brr. Peacocks have some amazing items for spring in at the moment and this cropped jumper is no exception. If i was a jumper then this would be me, its so adorable and the pale baby pink colour is one of my favourite pastel colours. I thought it would go perfectly with my white skinny jeans and this is such a summery outfit but the jumper still gives me that bit of warmth! As a fan of rucksacks i love the addition of this aztec/monochrome one, rucksacks are SO much easier than lugging a heavy handbag around all day and its perfect for taking to uni.

You cant see very well but i also tried out a halo braid on my hair for the first time and i cant believe i hadnt tried them sooner, i always thought they must be so hard to do but it is literally the easiest hairstyle i have tried after watching Zoellas video on it!

What do you think of this outfit? Do you like Peacocks spring collection? Have you tried the halo braid?
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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February Wishlist

1. Maria Blue co ord - Boohoo (Cost of both £34)
2. Ridley high waist - Asos (Now £24)
3.Holographic platform - LaModaUK (£25)
4.Stripe bunny scrunchie - Topshop (£4)
5.Ginghma joni jeans - Topshop (£38)
6.Pastel midi skirt - Boohoo (£18)
7. Lilih sweatshirt in pastels - Missguided (£19.99)

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I had a terrible weekend as it involved some nasty procedures at the hospital, i haven't ever spoken about it on the blog before but my stomach has been very poorly for a long time and i am still having investigations to find out what is wrong so i'm hoping for a diagnosis really soon, its something i might consider writing about on the blog at a later stage, if people would be interested? Let me know! Anyway,onto positive thinking i think i was in good need of some serious cheering up and what better way than to do this than some online shopping?! As you can see there is still a theme of pastels going on in my wishlist!

1. This co ord from boohoo is gorgeous! I would even consider just buying the top separatelty as i love the pastel yellow colour and the cut is so flattering.

2. I have wanted skinny jeans with busted knees like this for so long, they look so stylish and the colour is perfect, i always think that darker jeans are much more forgiving than light coloured ones, i am forever spilling something over my jeans!

3. WOW! Arent these the most amazing shoes ever!! They sadly dont have these in this colour on the site anymore but they have them in holographic gold which i would happily settle for, they are such a reasonable price too. River Island had a similar pair last year for almost double the price. I dont know how easy these would be to walk in though, but my feet would look amazing!

4. These bunnie scrunchies are the cutest and come in loads of different patterns, they are the perfect way to accesorize low or high ponies and will be perfect for spring,asos also do some similar ones!

5. Nearly everyone has these Joni jeans now but i just cant get them off my mind! They do look really comfy and will look so good with pastels but im not sure if this trend is to stay in the long term!

6. This pastel skirt is heaven!The mesh overlay is sooo pretty and the shape of it is really flattering, it really is such a feminine skirt. I can just imagine twirling round in this in the summer!

7. Lastly is this adorable jersey top, American Apparel almost have an identical one but obviously the Missguided version is a massive fraction of the price. It combines all my favourite pastel colours in one, what could be better!
What do you think of my wishlist? Do you have any of these items? What items are you lusting after?
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Friday, February 21, 2014

What's in my makeup bag

I thought that i had never done a whats in my makeup bag post before so i thought i would share with you what every day makeup items that i use. My makeup for the day time is actually pretty basic, it usually take me 10-15 minutes to do depending on how much of a rush i am in! So lets delve into my makeup bag then..

My base

Bourjois healthy mix serum shade 51 - I have been using this foundation since November now and i really like it because it helps to create a dewy look and it isn't drying at all, i think i would have to switch foundations in the summer though because this would definitely make my skin look more oily than it already is. Its really easy to apply and i usually use my fingers if i'm in a rush or the real techniques expert face brush which is amazing. The foundation is quite honey coloured and it definitely helps to make me look more alive in the morning, it also has a lovely apricot scent to it.

Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer shade 2 - Well, seriously who hasn't heard of this or already uses it?! It was probably the best addition to my makeup bag last year and i have been repurchasing it ever since! Its a liquidy/creamy formula and it really helps in concealing dark circles and spots. I've recently heard on twitter rumours that this product is being discontinued though, i'm not sure on the validity of this but i will generally be so sad if this is true, as will may other people! I think i should stock up on this though just in case.


Benefit Coralista blusher - Admittedly i don't wear blusher every day as my cheeks are insanely red most of the time which is made even worse by the cold weather! But when i do this is my go to blusher. Its a stunning coral pink powder which helps to give a bit of warm colouring to your cheeks. It also comes with the cutest face brush and mirror which makes it great for on the go.

Rimmel stay matte long lasting pressed powder - This is definitely my lifesaver! For someone that suffers from combination skin this is the best way at combating my oily forehead. I also take this on nights out with me so i don't end up looking like a grease ball in every single picture. It's also really good for setting makeup and i dab a bit on with my finger to anywhere i have applied concealer. The only problem with this is if you have any dry patches of skin it will show up very clearly if you also apply this, so i usually only apply this to my forehead in the winter.


Loreal Paris Mega Volume Miss Manga - I reviewed this in full last week which you can read here. I am still loving this mascara and as any one i always feel like its much better after you've been using it for a week as it allows the liquid to dry a bit which means no chance of getting clumpy lashes!

Loreal Paris Super liner perfect slim - I am officially the worst person at using black eyeliner. I dont even know how people can do winged eyeliner and all things fancy like that. It ends up wonky every time so i thought i would invest in this liner which resembles almost a thin felt tipped pen. It has enabled me to actually use eye liner quite well and the tip is so easy at drawing a line, i would really recommend this to anyone who has trouble with using eyeliner.

Revlon Luxurious colour eyeliner in sueded brown - I don't really own much from Revlon but this is just a standard eyeliner really, nothing fancy! I tend to stick to a brown eyeliner on my eyes because black does not suit me at all! 

Eyes & Brows

Ruby & Millie eye palette - I don't even think Ruby & Millie exists anymore which makes this eye palette pretty ancient! It is a product i really love though, the colours are perfect for every day, the middle mushroom colour is definitely my favourite and with all three colours you can create a subtle smokey eye for the day time. I would love to own the Urbay Decay naked palette though!

Benefit Brow zings medium - This has been my favourite brow kit for a couple of years now. The wax and the powder side are both brilliant in helping to create a more defined brow. I don't like going too over the top with my brows, for me its more about darkening the blonde hairs that i have. I usually mix a bit of both of the products and apply this with the brushes included.


Sleek face contour kit in light - I received this for Christmas and i have also reviewed this in full here. I use this daily and i dont even know how i ever lived without contouring! It really helps to make me look more awake and the highlighter makes your skin look so dewy! Contouring is definitely an art that needs to be mastered though, i think i am getting better at it anyway!


Mac Hue - I definitely shy away from dark colours on my lips both in the day and at night, i definitely don't suit them! Nude/pink colours are my favourites to wear and Hue is the perfect go to lipstick for the day, i reviewed it in full here. Another nude i love is Mac Shy girl.


Pebble Grey LED cosmetic mirror* - Having a mirror in your makeup bag is essential if you're on the go and need to touch up your makeup in the day. This LED mirror from Pebble Grey is amazing, i've never had the luxury of having a light up mirror and it will be amazing to take away to festivals,no mirrors mean that people have had to use their camera to see what they look like!! I couldnt even imagine going without a mirror for a few days! I will definitely be taking this everywhere with me from now on.

I hope you enjoyed reading my first whats in my makeup bag and i hope that you all have a lovely weekend!

What do you think of my everyday makup? Do you own any of these products? What are your makeup staples?
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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

OOTD | Flirty florals

Top* - Karma Clothing
Jeans - New Look
Clutch - River Island
Free runs - Nike
It definitely felt like spring today wearing some of the brightest colours that i own,i just need a tan to go with it now and i will be happy haha! I love this top from Karma Clothing whom i didn't know about until a short time ago and i am so glad i found them as they are such an affordable online shop and selling both clothing and accessories, as well as showcasing all of the latest trends through their range! This top was from their spring florals and i have been loving the plain baseball/sports luxe tops for so long now so when i saw a floral one it was the perfect addition to my wardrobe and i cant wait to wear it more in the summer. Its a really baggy top which is why i have tucked it in but it will look so good baggy with leggings and even in the summer with some shorts!

I bought these free runs back in the summer, i gave into the hype and had to own a pair, it took me about a week to pick what colour i wanted! I originally ordered the coral pair and was so disappointed when a neon pink pair turned up instead!But it turned out for the best as i actually prefer this colour, in the pictures they don't look that bright but they really are neon pink in the flesh, i had a few stares when i wore them today!

What do you think of this outfit? Do you use Karma Clothing? Do you like the spring floral trend?
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Monday, February 17, 2014

London Fashion Week A/W14 Fashion International

Wow! I have just got back from the most amazing weekend in London, experiencing my first ever time at London fashion week! Firstly i would like to thank Dee Vesali Pr for inviting me to the Fashion International show, i had the most amazing time! All of my life i have dreamed of attending an event in this famous week held in London, the whole atmosphere at Somerset house, the array of different outfits and the excitement of even being invited to watch a show was crazy. After starting blogging about half a year ago i am astounded that i was even invited to go, so i am very grateful for that, it was also one of my blogging resolutions so i can definitely tick that off my list now! It was undoubtedly the best experience i have ever had and i hope to attend another on e sometime soon! I've put together an array of some of the best pictures from the night, i was snapping on both my Iphone and camera so i apolgise about the difference in the quality of the pictures, as i was a few rows back it was also pretty hard to get clear pictures of the collections but i think you can get the idea of how amazing the evening was.

Fashion International show was held on Saturday at the Charing Cross hotel which was such a stunning setting for the show, i believe it has been recently refurbished and everything was so luxurious! Fashion international sees a multi designer showcase with a line up of both British and international emerging designers for the A/W14. All of the collections were really so unique and the models wore the clothes so well. I am also loving the low pony tail look which is one of the signature hair looks seen in both NYFW and LFW.
The line up
This journalist had all eyes on her before the show started, admittedly i didn't have a clue who she was but i believe her name is Pandemonia and she is an undercover journalist who dresses in Lycra and wears a doll face mask, Google her you wont be disappointed!
But the collections which really stood out to me and which were Milusha London which offered stunning outerwear including coats,jackets and scarfs all which were crafted with gorgeous furs, it was definitely my favourite collection as i am obsessed with fur, i definitely wouldn't mind having something from this collection! 

I also loved Yuvna Kim whose collection Rubis Rouge tied in perfectly with valentines day,the dresses fell beautifully and the glittering lavish red collection was definitely admired by everyone in the room as well.
Milusha London
Milusha London
Milusha London
Milusha London
Yuvna Kim

The man in front of me for the whole of this collection had his phone up blocking my view so it was impossible for me to get any good shots sadly, although if you follow me on Instagram i uploaded a video of Yuvna Kims collection where you can see the dresses more clearly.
Omar Mansoor - Stunning evening wear which is infused with Eastern Elements

Very red riding hood esque.

What i wore:
Top - Zara
Trousers - River Island
Boots* - Bank
Coat - Zara
Bag - Ted Baker
Hat - Forever21

So this is what i wore to lfw! I naturally had to buy something new to wear, the top instantly appealed to me, the sleeves are so pretty and i haven't seen anything like this before, i teamed it with some high waisted trousers but i love how baggy they get towards the bottom, it definitely gave shape and volume to the outfit. i also had planned to wear some heeled sandals to the event but when i realised how far i had to walk between the hotel and the tubes i opted for my boots, they didn't look as good with the outfit but it was definitely the best option as i would have been moaning about my feet aching all night haha. Wearing a hat was also a mistake as it was SO windy and i was having to hold onto my hat the whole evening, but i think it really helped to make the outfit. Overall, i had the most amazing experience ever and i cant wait to go back for more, i definitely have the Fashion week bug!

Thanks for reading! What do you think of my first LFW experience? Did dyou like my outfit? Have you been or are going down to LFW this year?
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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

OOTD | Monochrome + Mint

Polo neck - Primark
Leggings - Topshop (old)
Boots* - Bank
Bunny bag - Asos
Coat - Zara
Socks - Topshop
Nails - Models own Apple pie

I am soooo in love with this extremely cute bunny bag! Its an added bonus that is also pastel mint colour which is one of my favourite colours at the moment! I saw this bag in the Asos magazine last week, and their marketing worked because i went to buy it within the hour! Their magazine is by far my favourite they had some amazing trend pages in it this month. It also comes in a baby pink colour which is equally as cute i think it is £19  but with student discount it was £16.50 which is even better! I love the quilted fabric of it too and the adjustable length of the bag strings. The bag looks amazing against my monochrome outfit it gives a gorgeous infusion of colour against the black and the bag really stands out! I also cant wait to get endless use out of this in the spring/summer with other pastel clothing and also for nights out because clutch bags can be so annoying when you're holding a drink and trying to dance!

I'm also wearing my favourite leggings from last summer which were from Topshop. Aztec and monochromatic colours are things that never really go out of style and i will always love the colour combination. I've also been so tempted by the Topshop joni checked jeans but i'm staying put as i've seen them around a lot recently!

What do you think of this outfit? Do you like monochrome and pastel colours? Do you like the Asos magazine?
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Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentines Day Inspiration

With Valentines day fast approaching at the end of the week i have been spending so much time looking at inspiration on pinterest (nothing new there really!). It seems odd really that im not actually much of a fan of the big day and never have been,just some flowers and a card will do nicely! I just think it has become so commercialised and i think there shouldn't really be a specific day to share the love, it should be everyday for sure! When i lived in Finland last year their concept of Valentines was spot on, it was more about spreading the love and showing that you care about your friends which is something that should be done more! But regardless to this whatever you are doing and with whoever i hope you have a lovely day, James and i will probably just stay in with some food and a film, i am far more excited for LFW the next day and spending the weekend there! Anyway, here are some of my favourite ideas for Valentines, i hope you enjoy!

Setting the scene

Get creative

Do some baking

What are your views on valentines day? How will you be spending valentines day? Do you like my pinterest inspiration?
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