Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Diamond Blend eye patches | Review

I don't know about you but as the days in the week go by with early starts my eye bags get bigger and bigger and darker and darker, i'm still waiting for someone to ask me one day why i have bruises under my eyes! Thank god for concealer hey! I had a Garnier roll on to help with my dark circles a few years ago but to no avail, so I've never dabbled with any products since. Recently i was introduced to Diamond Blend Diamond mineral eye patches which are a treatment that claims to help instantly lift and rejuvenate the area surrounding your eyes, and helping to remove patches of signs of ageing such as dark circles, and fading bags and wrinkles. I must say i have been very impressed with these!

 Don't all line up at once boys!!
The eye patches once taken out of the packet are very liquidy and you can feel how moisturising they are going to be once placed on your skin. I was a bit worried about how they would stay in place and whether they would slip off but they stayed in place for the whole 30 minutes and i could still do things while they were on. It advises to place the eye patches on for 20-30 minutes and they can be applied above or below your eyes, naturally i picked under my eyes because my dark circles need all the help they can get! I left the patches on for 30 minutes and they immedietly helped my face feel fresher and they caused no irratation at all, because they are alcohol free they really are suitable for all skin types.

After i took them off i applied a big layer of my favourite moisturiser to lock the moisture in. My eyes definitely looked a lot less puffy and the skin in general felt really fresh and moisturised, but i think there is a long way to go with completely fading my dark circles but they looked a lot let worse than normal and with more uses i am certain it will help to fade them more. I think these eye patches would be great for use when you first wake up in the morning to reduce the general puffiness and also before a night out! I will definitely be purchasing this again and i cant believe i haven't used something like this sooner!

What do you think think of this product? Have you used something like this before? What products do you use for dark circles?
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  1. oooo these look interesting, i have shocking dark circles x

    1. Me too they are terrible haha! These were really good though :) xx

  2. Wow what a fancy name: "diamond blend"!
    I don't have many face products at all aside from makeup but these look interesting! Good to hear they work :)


    1. haha i know! Would recommend them :) xx

  3. This is really good to know, I have been searching for something like these for ages.

    http://adventures-of-wonderland.blogspot.co.uk xx


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