Wednesday, January 29, 2014

OOTD | Clueless

Jumper - Primark
Skirt - New Look (Kids section)
Necklace - Primark
Boots* - Bank
I am totally in love with this plaid/tartan skirt that i picked up last week! I found this in the kids section of New Look and if you've seen some of my outfit posts before i have found some real gems hidden in the kids section and for a MUCH cheaper price. This skirt was £7.99 (omg) plus my student discount on top which is an unbelievably cheap price for skirt like this, i know similar Missguided skirts are about £20 , every little helps when you're on a tight student budget! I have seen loads like this in black and pink so i'm quite taken by the pastel mint colour running through the plaid.

After wanting one of the cropped Primark fluffy jumpers for so long but seeing that they were all sold out i'm quite happy that i waited as if you've been in recently they have loads of new pastel coloured ones which are so beaut! I especially liked the pastel yellow one as its a colour i really don't wear at all, but of course my store didn't stock it and i couldn't wait for it so i opted for this lilac number instead which really contrasts against the colours of the skirt but still looks good and it will look SO nice with white skinny jeans in the summer eek!
Thank you for reading! This is slightly off topic but i would be so grateful if any of you who have flown with Ryanair before could answer my really short survey here (Takes about a minute!) Any answer is significant and i would be so grateful! Thank you!

What do you think of this outfit? Are you loving the plaids and fluffy jumpers combo too?
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Monday, January 27, 2014

OOTD | La Redoute Parisian Chic

Jeans - New Look
Shoes - Primark

This seems like the first outfit post in forever! I really have missed doing them but its not been possible as I've been so poorly, boo! But i have lots of new clothes now from my recent haul which you can read here and i have lots of outfit posts lined up. La Redoute's new Spring/Summer collection oozes classiness and everything is so chic and smart! I picked out this beautiful breton striped jumper which helps to fuel my love for everything nautical looking. This is the first jumper i have that had inbuilt shoulder pads and i love the structure that it gives, unlike my usual droopy shoulders! This jumper can be styled so many way and i am particularly looking forward to getting loads of wear out of this in the summer. It can be worn over dresses, collared shirts,with leggings,jeans, a skort, a skirt,so literally anything, breton stripes never go out of fashion and i love how simple it is to pull of this outfit.

These are my new skinny jeans from New Look and they fit like a glove but they are stretchy material so i don't feel like they're going to rip every time i move! I was after some mom jeans as i love the colour wash of them but because of their fit i don't think they would suit my small frame. These were the next best thing and the colour of them is so similar to the mom jeans i was also after in New Look, i think i'm going to get so much wear out of them!

What do you think of this outfit? Do you like La Redoute new spring/summer collection? What trends are you looking forward to the most for the summer?

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

January Haul!

At last i have another haul post for you! I love shopping for them as much as i enjoy both writing them and reading others! I love having a good nosey at what items people have been recently snapping up! This will probably be the last haul for a while as i sadly seem to forget that i am a student, i'm also saving up for travelling for when i finish uni! Although i will still make a few purchases here and there, a little bit of shopping does no harm and definitely helps with the uni stress! Anyway, i hope you enjoy reading there's a little bit of everything here and its all from affordable shops!
New look - 

At the end of last year i entered a New Look competition where you had to recreate a red carpet look with items from New Looks party range, you can see my entry here, i couldn't believe it when i scooped the first prize of £100 New Look vouchers! I have only just got round to having a look in store and its a shop i don't usually buy a lot in but i am loving their spring/summer ranges and they have nailed the pastel colours trend! I also picked up this gorgeous plaid/tartan skirt from the kids section for £8 which is my bargain of the century! I would totally recommend looking in the kids section as the older ages are definitely equivalent to adult sizes. The best thing is none of these items cost me any money and i still have some vouchers left to spend yey!

Topshop - 
I have already featured this in an outfit post but i bought this at the start of January and thought i would include it because this has now been put into the sale which im totally gutted about, i still don't mind as i really do love how sparkly it is!

H&M - 

Rogue City - 

 I posted about this gorgeous varsity jacket a couple of weeks ago but i am yet to wear this holographic beanie! I'm not too much of a hat wearer as they always make my head itchy, but this one isn't wool so i'm looking forward to wearing it when the weather is a bit colder!

Primark -

Primark shoes are definitely my favourites, the copies they make of some shoes in Topshop are incredible like the Mary Janes and a massive fraction of the price! As for the dolly shoes i got these for a measly £3, black shoes always come in handy even if these don't last very long. My obsession with fluffy clothing still continues, Primark has such a great selection of pastel fluffy jumpers, i was after the pale yellow one but the lilac one is definitely more my colour!

Ciate (Giveaway prize) - 
My luck on the competition front seemed to continue as i won Isobel's giveaway prize a few weeks ago! I am a big fan of ciate so was so excited when these arrived, i love the mix of metallic and block colours!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! What do you think of my purchases? Have you done any haul posts recently?
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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ko:Kou Pro Dallas hair straighteners | Review

For so long i have only ever used GHD straighteners for my hair, i think the fact that they are so widely used and known and because of how amazing they are! Because i have such long hair i guess i just always stick to what i know works best. But when i was asked to test out the Ko:Kou Pro Dallas hair straighteners i jumped at the chance to try out a different brand! 

Firstly i love the girly packaging that it comes in, anything that is pink instantly wins me over! I know the colour of a product doesnt make any difference to its job but having a red pair is such a nice change to the boring black pair that i own! The instructions are all super easy to follow and ultimately they work how any other straighteners do. They can heat up to 210 degrees which i think is about around how hot the GHD's also heat up to. I opted for 190 degree heat as i try not to cause too much heat damage to my hair. It claims to be a fast heat up although for me i think it did take slightly long, a few minutes at the most but i think i'm just used to how fast the GHD's  heat up so all in all they arent too far behind but i do usually opt for a product with a fast heat up.

I did favour how the ceramic plates are slightly wider than my other pair which means i could cover more hair at once, which is a god send when you have such long hair like myself! I also liked how once clamped down on the hair and whilst straightening it didn't snag or even pull at my hair at all, i find that with my GHD'S they clamp down so hard that it pulls and snags my hair when you hit a tangle. 

The finished result can be seen above and i am really impressed with how my hair came out. It gave my hair a sleek finish and overall i think that these are a fantastic and MUCH cheaper alternative to standard GHD's! Ko:Kou sell these as well as a wide selection of other hair appliances at affordable prices!

Have you heard of these hair straighteners before? What are your favourite hair appliances to use?
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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Diamond Blend eye patches | Review

I don't know about you but as the days in the week go by with early starts my eye bags get bigger and bigger and darker and darker, i'm still waiting for someone to ask me one day why i have bruises under my eyes! Thank god for concealer hey! I had a Garnier roll on to help with my dark circles a few years ago but to no avail, so I've never dabbled with any products since. Recently i was introduced to Diamond Blend Diamond mineral eye patches which are a treatment that claims to help instantly lift and rejuvenate the area surrounding your eyes, and helping to remove patches of signs of ageing such as dark circles, and fading bags and wrinkles. I must say i have been very impressed with these!

 Don't all line up at once boys!!
The eye patches once taken out of the packet are very liquidy and you can feel how moisturising they are going to be once placed on your skin. I was a bit worried about how they would stay in place and whether they would slip off but they stayed in place for the whole 30 minutes and i could still do things while they were on. It advises to place the eye patches on for 20-30 minutes and they can be applied above or below your eyes, naturally i picked under my eyes because my dark circles need all the help they can get! I left the patches on for 30 minutes and they immedietly helped my face feel fresher and they caused no irratation at all, because they are alcohol free they really are suitable for all skin types.

After i took them off i applied a big layer of my favourite moisturiser to lock the moisture in. My eyes definitely looked a lot less puffy and the skin in general felt really fresh and moisturised, but i think there is a long way to go with completely fading my dark circles but they looked a lot let worse than normal and with more uses i am certain it will help to fade them more. I think these eye patches would be great for use when you first wake up in the morning to reduce the general puffiness and also before a night out! I will definitely be purchasing this again and i cant believe i haven't used something like this sooner!

What do you think think of this product? Have you used something like this before? What products do you use for dark circles?
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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Pastels Wishlist

1. JuJu jelly shoes - Urban Outfitters 
2. Pink dress - Topshop
3. PVC mini - Missguided
4.Smock top - Boohoo
5. Maxi Skirt - New Look
6. Necklace - Miss Selfridge
There have been loads of wishlists popping up recently featuring some gorgeous pastel clothing which i am head over heels in love with at the moment! So i thought i would jump on the bandwagon and share with you some of my favourite pastel finds, the exact links can be found below the picture!

I love everything that i have picked out but i'm just going to talk about a few of my favourites! I still don't own a pair of jelly shoes which i'm totally devastated about! They remind me of my childhood and how much i used to love wearing grown up heels at the beach! There are so many colours of these but these stand out to me because of the gorgeous baby blue colour, i have also found cheaper alternatives to these on ebay so check that out! The PVC mini is still another item that has been on my wishlist a while but i haven't plucked up the courage to buy one because i'm not sure how well it would suit me, i definitely think the baby blue is a better alternative to the black one for me personally, and it will look so good in the spring/summer time without having to wear tights with it. Its no secret that i am still obsessed with statement jewelry, i love the colour of this necklace and its not too over the top, this will look gorgeous with similar pastel colours or just a black or white outfit!

I couldn't find a picture of a primark jumper that i'm currently after but its a pale yellow colour and its a short sleeved fluffy jumper which is so pretty and i haven't actually seen many pastel yellow clothing around so i'm going to have to get it next time i'm in. I cant wait to start purchasing some of these items now!

What do you think of my pastel clothing selection? What are your favourites? Do you like the pastel colours trend? If youve done a similar wishlist leave your link below!

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Pearlys professional teeth whitening | Review

Hi everyone! Sorry for my very short absence from the blogging world, ive been very poorly but hopefully i will be on the mend soon! Albeit i haven't blogged for only a few days but i have really missed it and chatting with you all. Anyway, back in November i attended my first bloggers meet and Pearlys were one of the brands that had a little stall up demonstrating some of their products,i also got to meet the lovely Liz who runs the company! While i was there i got to try a teeth brighten powder which is almost like a scrub for the teeth which can be used weekly to help fade stains, i was really impressed with it especially as i didn't know such a product existed! I was lucky enough to also be sent a few of their other products to try out which i have been using for about a month now so i could have a proper chance to see how well the products worked for me and tell you all about them !(Sorry about the Christmas backdrop in the photos i took these a while ago!!).

Having white teeth is something that i think most people dream of,well i do anyway, in the past i have tried many at home treatments including Blanx which i reviewed here. I think with any at home treatment you have to appreciate it wont make your teeth as white as if you have a proper treatment done and it will take more time, although this is a much cheaper and much less abrasive way of doing it.Onto the products that i tested out:

Daily teeth whiten Foam* - The foam is placed on top of your normal toothbrush and i used this twice a day. The product has no bad taste to it all and unlike many teeth whitening products it caused no sensitivity to my teeth at all. Truthfully i don't think it has made a lot of difference to my teeth at all but i am aware that this product needs to be used for a while longer to see real results.

Daily teeth whiten rinse* - I don't normally use a mouth wash with my normal routine but i can definitely see the benefits from using one. It has a very strong minty taste which helped to make my mouth feel fresher for longer and this product helps to prevent further staining to the teeth and i would definitely repurchase for the cleaner feeling my teeth got from using it twice daily.

Teeth whitening pen* - The pen is meant for use maybe once or twice a week and a thin layer should be applied to your teeth while you are smiling, you have to keep the gel on for about a minute until it has dried and then it can be washed off. This is like nothing i have tried before and i was really looking forward to trying it out, as its only to be used once or twice a week i think again this is maybe something that needs to be used more long term but i am prepared to continue using it in the search for whiter teeth!

I hope you enjoyed reading my review on Pearlys and i hope you all have a great weekend! Have you tried any of their products before? What teeth whitening treatments do you use?

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Origins Drink Up 10 minute mask | Review

The worst thing about winter is definitely the dry skin that comes with it. Despite having quite oily skin i get a really dry nose which becomes so obvious and flaky when i apply my makeup. I was on the look out for a mask which would help add the moisture back to my skin but something that wouldn't make my skin more greasy. After asking a few lovely bloggers on twitter for their opinions i headed into my local boots store for the origins counter. I was also interested in the clear improvement charcoal mask  but i was afraid of it making my skin drier than it already was. The shop assistant was so lovely and explained what both of the masks do thoroughly, but the Origins Drink up 10 minute mask was the winner as it was to help target and combat my dry skin and it is also meant to help skin that suffers from breakouts due to stress and this is definitely appropriate for me, when i'm at uni stress is my middle name! This mask costs £22 from Boots, but I was lucky enough to have enough boots points saved up so i was able to treat myself to this before Christmas!

I have used this for about a month now and maybe once or twice a week and i am so in love with this product!! I have never spent much money on my skincare regime and usually stick with trusty Simple which i know works. This mask is probably the most expensive skincare product i have ever bought but my gosh it works and you really do pay for what you get, the only problem this brings is the urgent need to try other expensive skincare items, i see an addiction coming on!!

Anyway onto the mask itself. It is lightly scented with apricot yet it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin at all which is always something of a concern to me. The formula is really rich and nourishing, but its not greasy at all. I apply quite a thick layer of it to my skin and leave on for 10 minutes but i leave it on for longer if my skin is really dry. As you leave it on you can see that the product sinks into your skin hence it being called a drink up mask! After washing it off i apply a thick layer of my favourite moisturiser to lock it the moisture in. It is a brilliant quick fix for dry skin and i have taken to using this before nights out because my make up goes on incredibly well afterwards because i have no dry patches of skin in sight. This is definitely my favourite mask for the winter and for my dry facial skin and i will definitely repurchase this! I am also looking into more of the Origins products now to see what i can try next so if you use any of their other products which are  good do let me know in a comment below!

What do you think of this product? Have you tried it before? Do you have any other origins recommendations?
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Friday, January 10, 2014

OOTD | Varsity Jacket

Varsity Jacket - Rogue City 
Top - Urban Outfitters
Jeans - Abercrombie
Socks - Hand knitted by my mummy!
Shoes - Converse
Rucksack - Topshop

Recently i have had a bout of really good luck and i have won a few blog competitions and last week Rogue City had a retweet competition on twitter to win £50 which i also won!! I couldnt believe my luck! Rogue City have some amazing items of clothing all bang on trend and they currently have a big sale on and for today only (10/01/14) you can grab 25% of their entire range now by entering the code ROGUECITY25! 

Anyway i have been after a varsity jacket for as long as i know as they are so casual yet look great and it can be added to any outfit, it is also perfect for wearing to uni as sometimes i just don't want to dress up all the time. They also sell a navy blue jacket like this which is just as nice. I also bought a really cute holographic beanie from their site which will be featured in another blog post soon!

I hope you all have a great weekend! What do you think of this outfit? Do you like varisty jackets>
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