Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hair scrunchies!

Can you believe that the hair scrunchies we wore to school in the 90's are now back in fashion?! Amazing. I was always lucky when i was younger as my mum used to make my sister and i hair scrunchies that no one else ever had,there was certainly hair scrunchie envy in the playground.

I was in River island the other day and spotted such a cute tartan scrunchie but i really didn't want to part with £4 pounds for what is essentially a small piece of fabric,luckily enough i had some spare tartan material at home and i followed a pattern that i found on the internet from here. If you have the correct equipment and materials its really easy to do!

Hope you enjoyed reading my post and i will be trying to get some posts up more regularly! Please feel free to comment below i love hearing from everyone :)


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