Saturday, August 31, 2013

Bourjois color boost lip crayon

Hello everyone how are you all doing? This is my first lipstick post i have done eek! I have featured this in my August favourites here and now i am going to do a full review on the product. If you didn't know recently Bourjois released their latest offering of lip products which are the color boost glossy finish lipstick/lip crayon. They are described as having a melty formula which leaves a radiant veil of the colour over the lips and providing shine and moisture to enhance each shade.They come in four different shades and i opted for shade 2 called Fuschia pink.

This is first kind of lip crayon i have ever purchased so for me i have nothing to compare it to already but, i love this product! The application of this crayon is dreamy,it applies so smoothly onto the lips and really does melt well into them,its so easy to apply as you are able to trace your lip outline with the crayon tip easily, i usually go back over the lips a few times to ensure maximum coverage but to be honest i love how nice it feels to apply that i probably do it too much haha.

As for the colour i am really pleased i picked this shade because i didn't have any like this in my collection. Its called Fuschia pink but i would also liken it to a cerise shade of pink, its quite bright pink but it doesn't appear as bright as the packaging and its actually a nicer colour than it i think. I love how glossy the colour is applied,it's definitely a cross between a lipstick and a lip gloss as unfortunately the gloss does fade if you eat or drink something but i guess that's normal for products like these, but the colour stain stays on my lips all day without topping up,but of course if you want the glossy finish all day you do need to keep applying it when and as needed.Overall i would definitely repurchase and try some of the other colours!

 I hope you enjoyed reading my first lipstick review! Please let me know if there is anything i could improve it,i love hearing from you all! What do you think of this colour? Have you tried any of the color boost lip crayons?

Friday, August 30, 2013

OOTD - 1 Denim shirt,3 looks

Denim Shirt - Urban Outfitters// Bodysuit - Asos (look 1)//White jeans - H&M// Grey top - H&M(look 3)// Shoes - Sperry// Necklace - Primark

Today i'm showing you this ultra versatile denim shirt and how to style it as 3 different looks. As a student i'm always looking at ways to save my money but to still be fashionable, and with this one shirt i think I've mastered that. However,for these looks you can pick any shirt you want!

I originally got this idea of turning the shirt into a skirt from the amazing fashion influx , i love her blog so much! It looks amazing and you can't tell its a shirt unless you look closely. For me it only worked with slightly over sized shirts because else it wouldn't fit around my hips. I did the buttons up to the length that i wanted it and then you simply tie the arms into a knot around your waist, meaning there is no chance of it falling down and its a quirky alternative to the normal way you wear a shirt.

Look 2 and 3 are fairly simple but i just wanted to show you how i put the outfit together. I am still obsessed with these skinny jeans i picked up in the H&M sale as they go with everything!! As you can i am still loving the neon look with the necklace i am wearing, it adds a splash of colour to the other clothes that i am wearing and it was only £2.50 from primark too!

I hope you enjoyed reading this outfit post, these different looks will literally suit anyone and save some money,more looks for less! What do you think of these outfits?

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Monthly favourites // August

How is it that September is now just around the corner?! These holidays for me have just flown by and i really don't have anything to show for it apart from a sun tan..But,I am so happy to say that i have survived my first month of blogging (yey) and with many more to come. I am a lot more motivated now and i'm getting into a routine of posting regular posts and i have chatted to some such lovely bloggers through twitter and on my blog posts, and i want to thank everyone who has read my posts and followed me, i'm very grateful and it really makes my day hearing from you!

Anyway, onto this months favourites,its a good bunch!

Vaseline spray & Go body moisturiser (cocoa radiant) - This is one of Vaselines newest releases and its safe to say i love it, and will be repurchasing again. The spray element to it makes it so easy to apply and it only takes a couple of rubs and you are moisturised in seconds. So many moisturisers take so long to rub in properly but i can literally moisturise my whole body in 2 minutes flat, it smells great too and it is really moisturising despite how fast it sinks into the skin. This product will be perfect for when its cold and you jump out of the shower and just want to quickly get changed but without skipping moisturising. I have been using this same bottle for almost a month now and i am thrilled with it.

Boots Soltan Aftersun - This is a pretty boring product but it really has been a summer necessity for me! I never see much point in spending a lot of money on aftersun as boots own brand one is great,i picked some of these up for £2.50 when they had half price off all suncare. It's really helped to prolong my tan this summer,it absorbs easily,it cools down any sunburn you may have and it smells like summer!Sold.

Schwarzkopf Gliss Total repair shampoo - I'm always trying new hair products and this has been my go to shampoo this month, it claims to repair hair with liquid keratin and is targeted at those with dry and damaged hair. My hair is very long and it is in great condition now but i'm always trying to prevent and limit any further damage, my hair feels soft and looks shiny after washing but to be honest it really is hard for me to tell if a product works these days as i always use Moroccan oil (amazing!),however i do love this shampoo and again it makes my hair smell great so i would buy this again.

Unite 7 seconds conditioner - Nothing but love for this product, this featured in my hair cost post which you can read here. It honestly does what it says on the label and helps to detangle my hair when it's at its worst. Fully recommend this product if you are prone to tangles or have thick hair.

Bourjois 1 seconde & Manicure laser toppings - I wrote about these in full here. I only discovered recently how amazing the fan effect brush which comes with these 1 seconde polishes are, it makes the task of nail painting easy and i will be buying more from their range for sure. 

Acne Killer Mask - Honestly,this is the 'creme de la creme' i suffered really badly from acne and within 2 months it was gone due to using this. Its a painful peel off mask but oh so effective. Read my full review here.

Lush sweet lips vanilla and chocolate sugar lip scrub - Most people know how fabulous lush lip scrubs are, and the deliciously tasting flavours they do. Not long ago i picked this one up and have been using it ever since,i usually do it as a weekly treat and it really helps to eliminate dry skin and leaves them looking and feeling smooth,making lipstick application on top of them afterwards look flawless. Not only that but the taste of this one is to die for,okay so maybe once or twice i have accidentally eaten it...

Bourjois Color Boost shade 2 Fuchsia Libre - I picked this up on a 3 for 2 offer after hearing lots of bloggers raving about them so i took the plunge and picked up shade 2 which swatches as a glossy bright pink (fuschia), i wont say much about it as i plan to do a full review but so far i love it when its first been applied but then the gloss tends to go as soon as i eat or drink something boo!

So that's my first round up of my monthly favourites,i hope you have enjoyed reading it! 
What do you think of these products? Have you featured any of these in your favourites post?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bourjois nails

The Last time i was in boots i took advantage of the 3 for 2 offer on Bourjois, i don't actually own many products from their range so i picked out two of their nail polishes, shade 25 -Melon from their 1 seconde range and their new manicure laser toppings number 38 - Sun Scales,i also picked up one of their new colour boost glossy lipsticks which i love,review will follow very soon. They also threw in a pair of sunglasses in the 3 for 2 offer which are actually surprisingly nice!

This is the first time using nail varnishes from their range and the fan effect brush for the 1 seonde nail varnish and the manicure topping is life changing! You can pretty much cover the nail in one brush,meaning that i am no longer covering my entire cuticles in the polish and the nail doesn't look thick with all of the excessive amount of brushing to cover the nail. As well as this it also claims that the varnish drying time is 50 seconds which i definitely think the polish reflects,it dried really fast for me and i could use my hands to do things soon after without it chipping off.I am really taken with it and will definitely be buying more from their range due to the ease of it. I popped the new manicure laser toppings on top, this one is called sun scales and it features strands of gold,bronze and almost light pink,in the sun it really brings out the different colours in the fibres they use. I think these two colours layered on top of each other look really effective!

What do you think of these nails? Do you own any from the Bourjois range?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

OOTD// To dye for

Top - Stay Sick// Shorts - Hollister// Belt - Primark// Necklace - Primark// Bracelets - Miss Selfridge(pink) & Accesorize(neon)// Shoes - Converse// Nails - Models Own

This summer i have been SO in love with tie dye/galaxy print and bright colours in general. At the start of the summer i discovered an online shop called Stay Sick (check it out here) Its run by Alexandra Metcalfe who is based in Glasgow and she independently makes all of the clothes herself including ready to order Levi shorts and other customised garments. Her range of clothes is amazing, the prints/patterns are perfect for summer and clubbing holidays,all items are really reasonably priced as well. I can't wait to see what lines she brings out this Autumn! Here I am wearing the to dye for twist crop top and it has been one of my staple tops this summer.

The denim shorts are from Hollister and are a classic for me as they last for ages and i love the style of these high waisted ones! As you can tell i love neon colours and all of my jewellery here cost less than £3 each as i picked the bracelets up in the sales and the necklace was only £2.50, you have to love primark!

Thank you for reading, as always i love hearing from you and i read every single comment and it really does make my day! What do you think of this outfit? Do you own anything like this?

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Part 1. My Guide to surviving freshers week

Its nearly that time of the year again when all of the fresh faced first years will be starting university,to say i'm sad that i'm going into my third year is a massive understatement. But with basically two years spent being a fresher, once in Southampton and then again on my exchange year in Finland i've experienced and learned a lot as well as having had a huge heap of fun! My short guide here is me telling you what i wish i knew before i went to university,in the hope to help you survive the craziest and funnest week of your life!

Here are some of my top tips;

-As soon as you arrive and have unpacked/settled in make an effort to get to know your housemates, leave your door open so people can come in and chat, try and get involved with some of the events going on and befriend people on your uni course, i was unfortunate to be put with some people in my house that didn't really make an effort but because i had made friends with my course friends i always had that group of people to do things with! 

-Make sure you find out when your freshers fair is on and go there early! I got soo much free stuff,including food, cooking stuff,vouchers,sweets,discount codes,free entry to clubs as well as hearing about any exciting events that were going on that week,i recommend going down early because the stuff goes fast and most people who went towards the afternoon went away empty handed!

-Sadly the myth about freshers 8 pounds (where you gain 8 pounds in this crazy week) during freshers week/fortnight is true to some extent(not everyone)!Before i went away i was naive and knew that someone as fit and healthy as me wouldn't gain weight . Well i did. I drank more than i ever had before, i actually ate takeaways and could have as much pic n mix where and when i wanted(sweet deprived child), had many late nights, never exercised and i wasn't really looking after myself! You want to enjoy your freshers week but don't drink to excess and know your limits as no one likes to be the embarrassed housemate on the first night,yeh, I've been there!
Don't be this person in freshers week
-Be careful on nights out and stick together in a group, to me its strange that its your first few days in a strange place yet you allow yourself to become drunk in this group of people you don't know very well,so be careful on the first week,never leave your drink alone,leave the club with someone else and if in doubt get a taxi home!

-BUDGET! So many people i know didn't budget and blew all of their money in the first week partying, every year i save up before i go back so i know i have that to fall back on if needed. I also budgeted for each month on food,mobile contract,gym memberships,alcohol.... and then the rest definitely goes on clothes and makeup,boring but its best to know where you stand with money.
So skint he resulted to drinking alcohol spilled on the floor..
-However hungover you are, don't stay in bed all day! Have a look around the place and get your bearings, i spent so many nights out getting lost! Make sure you know how to get to all the uni campuses(if more than one),register with the local doctors, know where the hospital and police station is and the nearest food shops,takeaways and night clubs!! It it is worth knowing where the hospital is just in case you or someone else needs it! Also make sure you have a local taxi number saved to your phone,some taxi companies even offer discount to students.

-Do dress up! I took so many fancy dress costumes to uni and used the majority whether it it is for the notorious Carnage bar crawl(my fav) where there is a different theme each time, Halloween or a birthday occasion.Plan outfits to take so you don't end up spending more money while you are away.
So do dress up and look more orange than the entire cast of towie,geordie shore etc you get the idea..
-Lastly have fun!! That's what freshers week (fortnight) is all about and i had the best time ever and wish i could relive it all again!!! Be safe,take care,make friends and don't exceed your limits and you'll have the best time!

I hope these tips are helpful and if you have any other questions about university life please leave a comment below i would be more than happy to answer it for you! Is anyone going to either of the Southampton unis?


Friday, August 23, 2013

Galaxy print ootd

Dress - Missguided// Necklace - Accesorize// Sandals - Topshop// Watch - Michael Kors

I hope you all have a lovely bank holiday weekend what are you all up to? I'm going to a boat party on Sunday for my friends 21st birthday and its beach theme fancy dress and i'm going as a mermaid i cant wait! There will definitely be pictures to follow in a post next week!

Now onto the outfit, I love this galaxy print dress SO much from missguided,its not tight at all and its perfect for these last days of summer that we are experiencing! This dress can be worn casually like i am here or jazzed up in the night with some heels and an up do hairstyle i'm thinking! The sandals i'm wearing i have literally worn to death this summer, and because they are tan colour they literally go with everything and they are pretty comfy even if you're going on long walks. 

Thanks for reading, what do you think of this outfit? Do you have any of these items?


Thursday, August 22, 2013

WAH Nails

I am completely obsessed with following WAH nails on Instagram, their designs are amazing and i am lusting over every design! Whenever i next end up in London i am definitely taking myself down to WAH nails in the Oxford street store of Topshop for a manicure, the only problem would be deciding what design to go for! You can check them out here if you want to find out more about what they do.

Much to my delight towards the end of last year i discovered they had a nail art book and i bought this from Urban Outfitters for £9.99 (buy here). It features 25 nail art designs with a full set of instructions which are really easy to follow,it also has other pages of inspiration and the current nail designs they offer in store and if you want to design your own nail art there is a space for that too!I love this book so much and i have attempted most of the nail art designs,i'm no WAH nail artist though sadly. Here is one of my attempts of their basketcase nail design!

Above are the nail art pens that i have been using,i picked these up in urban outfitters while i was in Sweden so unfortunately i don't know the cost in pounds, they are fab though, and they can be used as a nail art pen or a nail varnish and as well as this, attached to the bottom is lots of gems which are colour coordinated to the varnish colour. The possibilities are endless!

Thank you so much for reading,please feel free to comment below i love hearing from all of you!What do you think? Have any of you got this nail art book or had a your nails done by WAH?


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

BlanX White Shock

I am always slightly dubious when purchasing a teeth whitener as i'm never sure they actually work and with the added worry that it may cause my teeth to become sensitive. So to my delight i have finally found a non abrasive toothpaste which also has visibly whitened my teeth!

BlanX formula claims that it whitens your teeth from the first application,thanks to daylight. This product comes with an LED light which you attach onto the toothpaste, When you squeeze the toothpaste out the led light works by activating the ActiluX in the toothpaste. As this formula remains on your teeth all day,it then reacts to daylight which whitens your teeth naturally,causing no sensitivity to the teeth. The LED light accelerator can also be shone on your teeth after brushing for a whiter result.

Sorry about the awful quality of this picture,i just wanted to show the LED light in action!

I purchased this from Boots for £7.49 however it is no on offer for £5.62 online. I have been using it for a month almost so i have had enough time to see if it works for me. I used this twice daily and from a few days in i noticed a small difference in the colour of my teeth, now 4 weeks on i have noticed that my front teeth are visibly a shade lighter or two which i am thrilled with. The toothpaste also doesn't have a nasty taste to it like most teeth whiteners i have tried have and the tube has lasted me a month so far and there is still some left. It is definitely value for money and as i previously mentioned sensitivity on my teeth and the wearing down of the enamel is a concern for me and others i am sure, so i definitely recommend this product and it has left me with visibly whiter teeth!

BlanX do more in their range of teeth whitening products and i am tempted to try the BlanX white shock with LED bite next! Have any you tried this product or any others from the Blanx line?


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Acne Killer peel off mask | Review

 I have always suffered from skin which is prone to a few spots but at the end of last year i developed really bad acne, which i believe came on from badly blocked pores as i knew i hadn't been looking after my skin properly in the previous summer. The acne was so bad and if anyone has ever had it you know how much it knocks your confidence and makes you self conscious. I tried every spot remedy under the sun,wasted a lot of money and nothing worked,i was also reluctant to try medication to treat it.

While i was living in Finland i saw an ad which came up for an Acne killer face mask,i translated the page to English and as a last ditch attempt i went for it and paid for a 5 pack of these masks which was about 20 euros, its benefits of using the mask are so good that they guarantee your money back if it doesn't work! Now back in the UK you can purchase these from Stylelux UK for £14.95,i have also seen these on eBay.  It is a danish brand so it is not readily available to the UK at the moment. I have never found anything that worked on my spots in the past but please believe me this product is an absolute MIRACLE!
Sorry for the stern face,the mask was so tight i couldn't smile haha
 This mask claims to 'remove pimples, blackheads, impurities, and excess oil while the mask dries in just minutes.Not weeks, not days, not even hours. Just minutes!' It also removes dead skin cells from the surface of your skin and when it is peeled away it leaves your skin looking cleaner,fresher and smoother than ever.It also contains completely natural ingredients meaning it wont irritate the skin.

This mask has a thick and gloopy consistency but it spreads onto the skin easily,my tips for this are to avoid the delicate skin areas such as under the eyes and away from your eyebrows,i also push my hair back with a headband because this mask will stick to your hair and rip it out! I usually leave the mask on longer than the 10 minutes recommended but to be fully dry it takes about 40 minutes. Now i must say this mask is not for the faint hearted. Peeling this mask off is so painful,BUT for me it is totally worth it as you can see from below it comes off in one piece unlike other peel off masks i have used in the past which are watery and end up having to be taken off in multiple pieces and you can actually see what has been pulled out from your pores,from the first use it pulled out all of my dead skin cells meaning that it was a fast and effective way of clearing my badly blocked pores. 
Pretty scary!
I used this mask once every two weeks while i had the acne, and i kid you not my acne started to clear up straight away i really could not believe it,it was a miracle! 2 months later and my acne had completed vanished,i wasn't even left with any small spots. I now use this mask once a month just to prevent my pores from becoming blocked again and since February i have only had a few spots here and there but nothing major. I literally cannot recommend this product enough to anyone that is suffering from acne or has skin prone to spots, i wont lie because it is painful and it does sting for a while after but this does calm down quite quickly, but i will never stop using it as it has been the only thing i have ever used which has treated and cured my acne. At £14.95 it is not that expensive and it has meant that i haven't wasted more money on trying to find an alternative that works.

I am so happy i discovered this while i was in Finland because else i would probably still be suffering from acne and i hope i can help some of you in the discovery of it! Have any of you tried this before? What are your thoughts on this product?

Monday, August 19, 2013

Too Faced // The Bronzed & The Beautiful

Hello everyone,i hope you all had a lovely weekend! I'm going to be telling you about my favourite bronzer today. I purchased this set called 'The Bronzed & The Beautiful' while I was shopping in New York last year. I purchased this set from Sephora,my first ever visit to one of their shops and i was in love!!You can also purchase it from boots which retails at £28.00.

The packaging on this is gorgeous, it looks old fashioned with the sepia seafront scene and with the pink and brown stripes. It really reminded me of the soap and glory collection as well as Benefit,maybe this was why I was so drawn towards this product.The set is a perfect size and it contains 4 different shades of bronzer, my favourite is the Chocolate Soleil which is a matte bronzer and it really helps to achieve that darker looking tan if that is the look you're going for. There is the classic bronze which can be used for most looks and this is called Sun Bunny, Snow Bunny is deemed as being a winter bronzer and lastly the Powdered Sun which is great to be used as an illuminating highlighter to contour areas of your face. Also included is the Deluxe Primed & Poreless SPF 20 bronze tint skin smoothing face primer. This can be used before putting on your foundation or bronzer,it also helps to achieve an overall smoother and flawless tan on your face. As I am no makeup artist I love how enclosed in the set is 3 how to do cards; How to lose 10lbs in 10 seconds,Glamour Bronze and Classic Bronze.

I have been using this product for almost a year now and i will definitely be repurchasing!!Personally, I think that the primer included is perfect if you have a natural dark tan anyway but for the times when my skin is pale(most of the year then!) the primer is far too dark for my skin and it ends up making me look like i'm caked in makeup, and not in a good way! I love all of the different bronzers as you are able to achieve different looks  with the added help of the to do cards. I use this product daily and on nights out , and it really does make me look like I have just got back from holiday with the perfect sunkissed tan, it looks so natural as well. On a night out I tend to use the Glamour Bronze look and in the day I usually dull it down a bit with the Classic Bronze. 

This product retails at the high end but for me it was totally worth it and i am still using the one i bought last year,amazing! Although, I am lusting after the Nars Laguna bronzer but is it worth the cost?!Please let me know if you have tried it i would love to know how you got on with it!

Have any of you ever tried this or any other products from the Too Faced range before?

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tartan on trend

Tartan skirt - Abercrombie//Black bodysuit - Asos//Rucksack - Topshop// Socks - Jack Wills// Boots - Kurt Geiger

Its no secret that i love shopping in Abercombie,i just love the whole experience including the badly lit shop,awfully loud music,dancing employees and ridiculously overpriced clothing, yet i still return! Hopefully i will grow out of this phase soon. Anyway, i picked this tartan skirt up in New York last year and i'm hoping to get some more wear out of it this year now that Tartan is really making a come back. I paired it with a really simple racer back bodysuit from Asos which i love as its a fail safe with most outfits! I finally decided on a rucksack for going back to uni and i picked up this acid wash bag in Topshop yesterday for £30 i love this look at the moment,probably no good for when it rains though oops!

Lastly for my feet i'm wearing my trusty kurt geiger boots which i bought a few years ago and they have been a real investment as i have worn them to death, i'm also wearing wool knee high socks from jack wills which i got a few years ago and were a waste of money, since then i've bought plenty more from Primark for a fraction of the price!

I hope you enjoyed reading my outfit post and you are all having a lovely weekend, what do you think?
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